The best quotes about complicated love

There are a multitude of quotes that reflect our different states of mind. For people in complicated love situations, the most appropriate quotes are those that convey poignant messages.

1- According to Mother Teresa and Lamartine, love is never easy

This famous quote comes from Mother Teresa who lived from 1910 to 1997. She espouses the idea that the one who is not loved lacks the things necessary for life. That is to say, a person who is not loved is in an even worse situation than one who is unable to access food. This is a poignant message to show your state of mind.

The artist writer and politician Lamartine to whom we owe this quotation, seems to say that all our existence is really centered on the one we love. When we miss him, we are without a reference point and we feel stabbing pains. This is a good way to show the other person that they are hurting you or that you miss them very much.

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2- Heartache in love

To say this is to support the idea that there is more intense pain buried deep in your heart. It is a clear indication that you are going through a difficult situation and that you are suffering internally. You can use this Gaelic proverb to mean that the love you are experiencing is hurting you.

3- Offering friendship to those who want love is complicated

It is a message to draw attention to what you really want. Love cannot be replaced by friendship. When you have a situation like this in front of you, this is the best way to get your thoughts recognized and to say that friendship is not possible and conceivable for you.

4- Freud expresses complicated feelings

This quote from Sigmund Freud is a perfect way to express the pain in your heart. When feelings are no longer shared you can use this thought to show your partner your sorrow.

5- "I lost him, in time he will see that it is he who lost everything".

A thought you can borrow to show your partner that you care about her and that she is losing a great treasure by leaving you.

6- The feeling of sadness according to Magnus Shadrack Nsd

Why not use this quote from Magnus Shadrack Nsd, to express that feeling of sadness that pierces your heart? It clearly indicates that love accepts both the defects and the qualities of the other.

7- With André Maurois, love is indifferent to defects

André Maurois through this quote reveals that love should not dwell on the defects and weaknesses of the other. It should not even worry about them normally.

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8- Love is this eternal song that comes back according to Sonia lahsaini

A quote from Sonia Lahsaini to externalize this evil which gnaws at you incessantly. Love and suffering are inseparable when one is present the other is not far.

9- Mohamed ketreb expresses the fact that to be in love with the wrong person is to suffer

Use this quote from Mohamed Ketreb when the feelings are not reciprocated. This would mean that your partner is not giving you the love you need. You are not getting the same warmth in return that you were offered.

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