The photo book to change the traditional photo album

Today, we don't keep our memories the same way we did a few years ago. With the arrival of digital technology, new possibilities are offered to us. There are in particular sites where you can upload your pictures to make a personalized photo book. Photo books, photographs on canvas, mugs and other decorative supports, there is largely what to replace the traditional photo album.

You want to offer a photo book or to surprise a loved one? We suggest you discover all there is to know about photo books. Styles of photo books, prices, quality, where to order, the ideal occasions to offer a photo book, we answer you.

When the photo book replaces the photo album: the advantages

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Souvenir of an important moment in your eyes, reunion with family or friends, pictures of vacations and travels, the photo book allows you all the fantasies. The creation of a photo book can be done online via a website specialized in photo prints. The photo book has several advantages.

  • It offers a better preservation of prints than a traditional photo album.
    You can't lose photographs because the prints are made on the paper of the book. In a classic photo album, this is not the case since the photographs are usually placed in a transparent pocket.
    The photo book is generally centered on a theme, a particular event. It is therefore less imposing than a photo album where we will put various images in a mixed way.
    It can be created and ordered from home. The photo book will be printed and sent to us by mail.

Where to order a photo book and at what price?

You can create a photo book and order it on various websites specialized in photo prints. The price of a photo book is variable from one provider to another and also depends on the quality, the number of photos to be printed, the options chosen. We can say that a basic photo book generally costs between 15 and 25 euros. For a creation of photo book more quality and with more options, the price can double or triple.

What quality and options for a photo book?

The same as for the printing of photo prints, you can choose the paper weight or the paper style (glossy, matte, glossy, etc.). The medium also offers a variety of choices in terms of design, layout, colors and typography.

For what occasions should I create a photo book?

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The photo book is perfect to immortalize the precious moments of life. Birthday, wedding, birth album, Christmas and New Year's EveThese are all events that we like to remember in a photo book. It is also indicated to keep the memory of its vacations and its travels.

The strong point of the photo book

Without a doubt, the strong point of the photo book is that you can tell a story around the photographs. Each photo can indeed be accompanied by comments and small paragraphs. That's why offering a photo book to someone is usually a very nice surprise. In addition to offering an original support, the photo book brings out even more emotions. What you can't do in the same way with a traditional photo album.

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