The Belline Runes and their interpretation

The Belline runes are a divinatory oracle that allows you to obtain answers to everyday questions or questions about the future.

They are based on the main traditional runes, but are adapted for modern use and incorporate some elements of the Tarot de Marseille.

Thus, not only can runologists analyze the meaning of the runes, but they can also use the tarot to further their interpretations.

What are the Belline runes?

Belline runes are a form of divinatory oracle that dates back centuries. They are based on ancient Norse symbols and can be used to get answers to personal questions or information about your future.

They are very similar to the traditional runes, but they are adapted for current use and include some features specific to tarology.

How do the Belline runes work?

Runologists gather information by performing a rune reading, which allows them to interpret the symbols and give accurate advice.

The process is relatively simple:

  1. you ask the Oracle a question
  2. you draw three runes
  3. you observe their interactions and meanings to get an answer.

In general, each rune represents a different theme and indicates the influences that affect your situation.

What is the history of the Belline runes?

The Belline Runes are a divinatory system developed by the French occultist Edmond de Belline in the 19th century. He combined elements of the traditional runes and symbols from the Tarot de Marseille to create this unique divinatory system.

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In the 1950s, the famous French astrologer Michel de Nostradamus recovered this method and popularized it

The Belline runes and their symbols

Each Belline rune has its own symbolism and meaning. Before you can interpret their meaning, you must learn to recognize the main symbols of each rune.

Here is a list of the nine Belline runes and their symbolism:

  • The Rune of Outer Strength: Symbol of external influence, it represents a power that will impact your destiny.
  • The Rune of Fate: This rune symbolizes the power of the gods and spirits and indicates the fate that awaits you.
  • Rune of the House: It represents the sense of stability and security that comes with having a home and family.
  • The Rune of Love : This rune represents love, intimacy and relationships between humans.
  • The Rune of Death: It represents the inevitable end and change of life.
  • The Rune of Wealth: This rune symbolizes material and spiritual wealth.
  • The Rune of Power: It represents strength and personal authority.
  • The Rune of Wisdom: This rune symbolizes knowledge, understanding and intelligence.
  • Rune of Prosperity: It represents abundance and prosperity in all areas of life.

The interpretation of the Belline runes

The runes are not fixed and their meaning varies according to the context and the runologist's point of view.

However, here are some tips on how to determine what the runes mean:

  1. Begin by looking at the individual runes and their meanings. Consider each rune independently and try to understand what it means.
  2. Then try to link the runes together and see how they interact. What messages appear when you combine the runes?
  3. Finally, try to understand the overall message of the runes and see how it applies to your question. You can then rephrase your question to get a more accurate answer.
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The different types of Belline's runes

There are several ways to draw Belline runes. Most runologists perform simple draws to receive clear and precise answers to their questions (for example, a 3-rune draw). To get a more in-depth answer, you can also practice more complex draws such as the Great Belline Rune Draw, which consists of 9 runes arranged in 3 groups of 3. You can also use the Belline crystal ball, which is a divination method to learn more about a specific subject.

Applications of the Belline runes in everyday life

They are used to explore your relationship, your career or any other topic that interests you.

Belline runes are also useful for exploring deeper issues and finding innovative solutions to your problems. Their usefulness also lies in helping you make important decisions and obtain valuable advice on your life path.

The runes each have their own symbolism that can be combined to form complex messages.

There are many ways to draw them and they can be used to answer questions about many aspects of life.

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