What are combat sports?

There are currently around twenty combat sports. The disciplines come in a variety of forms, to suit all sporting profiles and needs. In the boxingFor example, there are a number of variations. Before choosing your sport or your children's extracurricular activity, find out about the different possibilities.  

The Nunchaku : for the style and for the fight 

Whether you are a beginner or a professional martial artist, the nunchaku is a good idea for a combat sport. It is a martial art appreciated as well for its style as for its power. In addition to freelance nunchaku, indeed, you can do KATA if you choose well your accessory.  

Specialists of nunchaku propose you in particular courses if you want to learn the basics or to improve in this discipline. The courses are open to children as well as adults.  

Judo : for the discipline 

Still in the Japanese tradition, you also have Judo. In France, as in the rest of the world, this discipline needs no introduction. It is a combat sport appreciated for its capacity to discipline the practitioners.  

Judo obeys strict codes: respect for the opponent, courage and justice, sincerity and honor, but also self-control. Beyond the teaching of fighting techniques, Judo classes teach these basics to the fighters.  

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Boxing: to channel yourself 

Want to channel your strength, or get your kids to do it? Opt for boxing. Nowadays, several variations exist, as mentioned above: Thai, French, English, etc. It's up to you to see what seems to be the most suitable for you.  

In fact, the boxing techniques remain the same. It's about using your fists and feet to clean up some violent moves to knock out your opponent. Purple enough and powerful enough, it is the best sport to spend you, but also to lower the pressure. Note that there are also classes for children.  

Karate: to control yourself 

Karate is also a Japanese combat sport. The principle is different from boxing. Of course, you are going to use strength, feet and hands to fight, but the objective is not to hurt the other or to knock him out.  

It's a sport for self-control. Because in order not to hurt yourself and your opponent, you must not only know how to block, but also choose your shots. It is an activity recommended for children to teach them not only the different styles of karate, but also to overcome turbulence and possible outbursts of behavior.  

Kung fu: for the trend  

Finally, among the best combat sports, you have Kung Fu. It is simply the Chinese version of boxing. It is also one of the oldest in this field. It is a discipline that is also very present in action movies. But, in France, some establishments offer training in this sense.  

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Kung Fu is not practiced in just any gym. Opt for a Dojo. Choose the right master to teach you the basics, but also all the techniques. To perfect your skills, you will need a few years. But fortunately, the advantages of kung fu are numerous, besides its power. It is a sport that is practiced without shoes. This allows you to stimulate your body better.  

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