15 keyboard shortcuts to surf the Internet faster (with Firefox, Chrome, IE/Edge or other)

Entering addresses, scrolling pages, opening new tabs, refreshing a page, searching, returning to the previous page, or adding to favorites are actions that we perform and repeat regularly on our Internet browser.

Whether it is for work or for pleasure, we propose you today to discover keyboard shortcuts, valid on the majority of the navigators (Firefox, Chrome, Safari...), which will allow you to gain in speed and in efficiency in your Internet navigation:

Scroll down a page

Space Simply press the space" key when you are on a web page to scroll down. More convenient than scrolling with the mouse!

Scroll up a page

Shift + space press the "shift" key then "space" to go back into the content of a web page.

Add to favorites

Ctrl + D When you are on a page or website that you like or want to come back to later, add it to your favorites by pressing the Ctrl" key then on the letter "D".


Return to the previous page

Alt + "left". press Alt then on the left" direction key to return to the previous page.

Go to next page

Alt + "right": press Alt then on the right" direction key to display the next page.

Open a new tab

Ctrl + T Tabs: the use of tabs has become a must on most browsers. Press the "CTRL" key and then the letter "T" to quickly open a new tab. You only have to type an address to display it on the new tab.

Close a tab

Ctrl + W This is a handy way to clean up your tabs. Just press the "Ctrl" key and then the letter "W" to close the tab you are currently on.

Go to the next tab

Ctrl + tab To quickly move to the next tab, press the "Ctrl" key and then the tab key.

Go to the previous tab

Ctrl + shift + tab When you open several tabs, press the "Ctrl" key then on the "shift" key and finally on the tab key to move to the previous tab.

Go to a specific tab

Ctrl + 1-8 : you can go to another tab than the previous or the next one by pressing the "Ctrl" then on a number (from 1 to 8) which represents the number of the tab you want to land on.

Enter a new address (focus on address bar)

CTRL + L With this shortcut you will find yourself directly in the address bar of your browser. You can then type a new address to replace the old one that was automatically selected.

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Refresh a web page

F5 What if a page takes too long to display? Press the F5" key to recharge it.

Zoom in (enlarge the text)

Ctrl then " + ". If the text on the page is too small to see clearly, press the "Ctrl" key then on the "+" symbol.

Unzoom (smaller text)

Ctrl then " - ": to unzoom a page and make the text and images smaller, press the "Ctrl" key then on the symbol " - ".

Return to default text size

Ctrl + 0 After zooming in or out on a page, you can return to the default text and image size by pressing the "Ctrl" key then on the number "0".

If you use other keyboard shortcuts, feel free to share them with us in the comments section.

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