4 reasons why you need an emergency plumber

 Looking for a plumber If you are concerned about a clogged drain or frozen pipes, we would love to come to your rescue. We know that a plumbing emergency means you need a quick response, and one of the things we pride ourselves on is being there for you immediately when you have an emergency plumbing problem. After all, it's not enough to be good, you have to be good and fast.

We prepare for all sorts of unexpected events in life, but few people are prepared for that moment when something goes wrong with their plumbing and they need it. Here are four scenarios in which you will likely need an emergency plumber, and some ways to be prepared when that happens.

Kitchen clogs

Your kitchen drain gets a lot of work every day, and many people put things down the sink that shouldn't be there. The end result of all that oil, grease and food residue could easily be a clogged drain. This is not only a potentially costly problem, but it's a pain because you'll have to remember not to use the clogged sink until you can get an emergency plumber in the house. To avoid kitchen sink clogs, make sure you only dispose of items that won't cause damage and have the number of a reliable emergency plumber on hand.

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Frozen hoses

There are very few plumbing disasters that require an immediate response, like frozen pipes. When temperatures drop, water in pipes outside or near your home is more likely to freeze, causing it to expand and eventually burst the pipe holding it. If you're worried about pipes freezing, call a plumber ahead of time; if they've already frozen, you can call an emergency plumber for repairs.

Water damage and flooding

Another water emergency you may encounter is water damage caused by flooding. These are usually the result of a clogged pipe, sink, toilet, or similar plumbing problem, and while an emergency repair may not be able to fix the initial damage, it will solve the problem, so it is less likely to occur.  

Problems with the water heater

Not many people want to take cold showers, but that's exactly what you might do if you have a problem with your water heater. When this happens, calling an emergency plumber will help you quickly get the hot water you need for everything from comfortable showers to dishwashers and washing machines.

Modern plumbing is one of the greatest benefits we love, but even that convenience comes with the occasional headache when something goes wrong. There are many reasons to contact a plumber. Any plumbing problem you encounter is a good reason to contact a professional. Contact one of our phone operators today to schedule an appointment with the technicians we work with. Call a plumber and heating engineer in lille .

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