5 easy ways to fill your dishwasher efficiently

Today, the tableware is no longer done by hand for a growing number of households. Visit dishwasher is the ideal partner for modern kitchens, combining practicality and efficiency. However, to make the most of this deviceone question remains: how do you wash a maximum quantity of cutlery andobjects while preserving the efficiency of the wash and minimizing consumption d'water andelectricity? It's a subtle art that we're going to help you master with concrete tips that will optimize your machine's space and reduce your costs. energy footprint.

Understanding how your dishwasher works

Before diving into tips for optimizing the filling of your dishwasherLet's understand how it works. Depending on the model, a machine can consume between 6 and 15 liters of water by cycle washing machine. L'electricity is mainly used to heat the water and operate the pumps and wash arms. A energy label informs you about the efficiency and electricity consumption of the unit.

Washing efficiency depends on the distribution of the water jets and the quality of the detergent. The water consumption and electricity from a dishwasher may vary depending on the quantity of dishes, the program selected and the temperature.use additional functionalities such as rinse liquid.

Efficient loading of dishes

A crucial question arises: how to wash-How can you clean efficiently while maximizing space? Always start by removing large food residues from the dishes to avoid clogging the filters. Visit cutlery must be placed in the basket provided for this purpose, sleeves downwards to facilitate cleaning of the soiled area.

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Plates should be placed vertically in the racks, spaced far enough apart to allow water to circulate between them. Bowls and cups are best placed on the top shelf. As for dishes and saucepans, make sure they are positioned so as not to block the washing arms. A good layout will allow you to wash more crockery and cutlery in a single operation, while guaranteeing optimal cleaning.

Set parameters for maximum efficiency

Choosing the right cycle It's important to choose the right wash program for your load and the degree of soiling of your dishes. An eco program may be sufficient for a tableware and will help to reduce water consumption andelectricity.

Temperature and cycle time parameters also have an influence on the electricity consumption. Special programs such as "half-load" or "intensive zone" can be used for specific situations, but they require more time.water andenergy. It's up to you to judge their relevance to your context.

Care and maintenance for a long service life

To ensure long service life to your dishwashermaintenance is essential. Regularly clean filters and check wash arms for clogging. A device well-maintained machine consumes less and washes better.

In addition, regular descaling of your dishwasher can prevent limescale deposits, which impair efficiency and increase the lifetime of the machine. electricity consumption. The use of good quality regenerating salt and rinse aid can also contribute to washing efficiency and machine longevity.

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Five tips to optimize the filling of your dishwasher

  1. Sorting and preparing dishes Separate delicate parts from sturdy ones and pre-treat stubborn stains.

  2. Use of vertical space : Exploit the height offered by your dishwasher to arrange glasses, cups and small bowls on two levels if possible.

  3. Optimizing cutlery baskets : They are often modular, so don't hesitate to adjust them to accommodate more people. cutlery or longer utensils.

  4. Intelligent loading To avoid damage, place the dirtiest parts in the area with the most intense jets, and keep more fragile parts away.

  5. Choosing the right cycle : Use short, economical programs for the dishwasher and more intense cycles for heavier loads.

A brilliant conclusion for your dishes

The art of filling your dishwasher no longer holds any secrets for you. Not only have you learned how to maximize space, but also how to wash your dishes efficiently, while preserving your water consumption andelectricity. By adopting these good practices, you prolong the service life of your device and do your bit for the planet. And remember, sparkling dishes are the reflection of impeccable filling methods. Happy washing!

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