5 ideas to organize a birthday party for a 2 year old baby

Far from being a trivial event, a birthday celebration is important. This is even more so when it is your little one's first year. Beyond the festive aspect of the event, the birthday contributes to the construction of your little one's social identity. However, organizing a baby's second birthday party in the right way is not always easy. What to do precisely to make this party a success, find out!

The place and duration of the party

Even though your two-year-old is starting to be more aware than the year before, she still needs reassurance. It's a good idea to choose a familiar place to hold your baby's party. For example, you can choose to hold the party at the private nursery where it is registered. However, home is still the best place. Your child is used to being there and will be more comfortable there than elsewhere.

In addition, it is also important to define the duration of the celebration. This of course includes the start and end time of the celebration. For a successful celebration, it is essential that the party does not last long. It can start after the champion's nap and end an hour or two later. This way, the hero of the day will not be disturbed in his or her routine and will still have had a good day.

The choice of guests

An essential aspect of the organization is the choice of guests. In this sense, it is advisable not to call on too many people. In fact, it could scare your little one. Invite only his grandparents, a few aunts and uncles and very close friends. If you want to include children his age, select two or three from his private kindergarten. In reality, the fewer kids there are, the less toy-related arguments you'll have to deal with.

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On the other hand, children are full of energy and it is important to channel it in order not to be overwhelmed. In this sense, you should plan fun activities. For example, set up coloring sessions or chase games. In addition, you can opt for the musical chair game or the laughing chain game. In any case, the activities to liven up the day will certainly not be lacking. Children are known to love to have fun, so only your imagination will be their limit.

The decoration

The decoration is very important and contributes greatly to the festive atmosphere of your little one's birthday party. For this, some essential elements must be taken into account. Balloons are a classic for birthday parties and should have a variety of colors.

To make them last as long as possible, inflate them at the last minute. Also, feel free to use the balloons in numbers and letters to make garlands. Also, decorate the tables with cutlery in the theme of the party. This will bring a more festive touch to the event.

The restoration

At a children's reunion, the primary concern is not really eating. However, that's not a good enough reason not to provide snacks. With this in mind, there's no need for a 5-star caterer. A few mini sandwiches, petit fours and savory canapés will be quite sufficient.

For drinks, you can make homemade lemonade. If you're short on time, you can also buy small juice boxes in stores. Smoothies may also be a good idea, if you can make them.

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The cake

As you know, a birthday party without a cake is definitely not a success. Therefore, you should choose a visually appealing and colorful cake. Children are very attracted to bright colors and this will make yours even more fun. For a brighter effect, don't hesitate to decorate your cake with candies or candy bars. chocolate.

In addition, you can also order a fantasy cake. For example, it can represent a cartoon character or simply the number "2". Also, beautiful candles are available in supermarkets to decorate birthday cakes. However, choose them in accordance with the theme of the party.

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