6 signs you should call an emergency electrician

Some electrical problems can be put off for days or even weeks, while others? Well, they need an emergency electrician right away!

You can never ignore the potential danger and risks posed by electrical faults, especially when lives and property are at risk.

If not handled properly, electrical problems can cause serious injury and death. That's why you need to be aware of these red flags so you know when to call an expert!

Keeping your home safe from the danger of any electrical problems requires regular electrical inspections. This helps reduce the risks and potential damage that, when left untreated, the electrical emergencies can cause.

These six obvious warning signs should not be ignored: they are signs that you should call your emergency electrician now!

1. What is this smell? Burning smells

Never release an unidentified burnt odor.

Internal wires can burn, which can cause electrical fires and other problems.

You must check the source of the burning smell, turn off all power sources or unplug anything from the outlets to avoid a fire.

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Most of the time, burning smells come from outlets, switches and sockets.

This is why you should call a Electrician Corbeil Essonnes to inspect the problem and even help you avoid the risk of a household electrical fire.

2. Do you see sparks? Don't ignore this sign!

Small sparks sometimes occur when you plug an appliance into an outlet.

However, if you notice constant sparking in your overloaded outlets and wiring, there may be faulty wiring that needs to be corrected as soon as possible.

Sudden electrical sparks can be a concern, especially if there is :

  • Short circuits
  • Former points of sale
  • Faulty outlets and wiring
  • Water leaks
  • Defective repairs

3. Is it dangerous if your lights flicker?

Flickering lights are often ignored because people often think they do no harm, other than a minor inconvenience.

However, frequent dimming and flickering lights indicate an underlying problem with your electricity.

This can present a great danger, including a fire. There are several reasons why flickering and dimmed lights occur, such as:

  • Loose and obsolete electrical wiring
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Faulty light switch
  • Bulk ampoules

4. Are your outlets hot or warm to the touch?

You can't treat hot outlets with concern; after all, it's reasonable to assume that an outlet can be hot after an appliance (especially a power-hungry one) has just been used.

5. Water damage

If your property has suffered water damage, flooding, or a water leakage of the outlet, you may need a certified electrician to evaluate the cables and wiring. These will often need to be replaced immediately.

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After all water damageIf you have a problem with the electrical system, you may need to rewire and replace electrical switches and outlets as soon as possible to avoid electrocution.

6. Living in an old property?

Older electrical systems will need to be upgraded on a regular basis, as older homes and sheds are generally prone to outdated, damaged and dilapidated electrical wiring.

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