7 must-see sites to sell your clothes on the Internet

Like everyone else, you probably have clothes in your closet that you no longer wear. The designer shoes you bought on a whim and never took out of their box, the super stylish pants that no longer fit, the jacket that is too casual for your taste and all those clothes that you accumulate without wearing, can earn you money and make other people happy.

In addition to thestorage space gained in your dressing room, by selling your old clothesyou can buy new ones or make yourself happy with the money collected.

Selling clothes on the Internet attracts more and more people, that's why we decided to make a small overview of essential sites, in France, to earn money by selling clothes.


It is possible to sell both luxury items and inexpensive clothingfor women, men and children. With a very large inventory, the concept is based on a community system. Each member has a profile page on which you can view his or her items for sale, favorites, sold items and customer reviews. Videdressing positions itself as an intermediary and it is up to the seller to manage the shipment of the item to the buyer according to the shipping method chosen by the latter.


Arboring a design closer to a Pinterest (social network) than a clothing sales site, the French version of Vinted was launched in April 2013 and quickly found its fans. The catalog of items remains in a segment accessible to all, and thus offers a wide choice of clothing at affordable prices. Please note that shipping costs are at the buyer's expense and that a commission of 10% + 0,5€ is taken on the transactions.

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Probably the most famous, given its position as the first site of free classified ads between individuals in France. Requiring no registration, LeBonCoin focuses on simplicity and it works! Besides clothes, you can find everything: cars, real estate rentals, video games, furniture, etc. LeBonCoin only publishes the ads for free and it's up to the seller and the buyer to arrange the rest (transaction and delivery) directly between them.


Dethroned by LeBonCoin in France, eBay is still the leader in buying/selling between individuals on the Internet. It is all the more interesting as it allows to auction your clothes and raise the prices according to the demand. A small disadvantage is that for those who have many items to sell, you will have to put your hand in your pocket and pay insertion fees.


Vivastreet is a very popular site for free classified ads. It is a bit like the big brother of Le BonCoin with which it shares the simplicity and the free distribution of ads. Whether on LeBonCoin or Vivastreet you are totally on your own and you have to be very careful with malicious people and scams of any kind.


Smaller and less known than Videdressing or Vinted, Ugotawish has the advantage of not taking any commission on sales. On Ugotawish you can as well as sell your clothes and discover the latest trends. We also find the community spirit with the profile pages that gather the articles of each member, while giving the possibility to leave a comment.

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Collective locker room

Vestiaire collective opens the doors of the world of luxury and second-hand fashion. The catalog is exclusively composed of clothing and accessories of major brands such as Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton or Ralph Lauren. To guarantee the quality of this catalog, Vestiaire Collective's experts check all the items. If you swear by the brand, then Vestiaire Collective is for you.

Do you have a site in mind that is not in our list? Please let us know in the comments section below this article.

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