9 ways to make a room brighter

Oppressive, cold, gloomy, sad atmosphere, there is no lack of adjectives to describe what we feel when we find ourselves in a dark and badly lit room.

Unless you are a vampire, a bright room is always more pleasant to live in. However, through bad luck, bad choices or carelessness, we can easily find ourselves living in a place that is closer to a cave than to a garden of Eden.

But no matter how you got into this dark mess, here are some solutions to invite the light into your home:

1. Maximize light entering through windows

Your shutters are they well opened ? Are your curtains not too thick and do they not limit the exposure of your interior to light? Is there any furniture in front of the window? It may sound silly, but the first thing to do to make a room brighter is to make sure that your windows are fulfilling their role as a light source.

2. Give it a good lick of paint

You can't imagine how much a coat of paint can change your house or apartment. To bring light into a room, choose neutral colors (white, beige, gray, ...) that you will apply to both walls and ceiling. You should know that a dark ceiling, in addition to obscuring a room, makes it look smaller. After a good coat of white paint on the ceiling, you'll feel like you've pushed the walls out. Also, don't hesitate to paint the beams white, if you have any on the ceiling, you will get even more clarity.


3. Thinning the soil

The color of the floor has as much impact as the color of the walls and ceiling when it comes to brightness. These days, there is a wide selection of floor coverings, and at very attractive prices. So you can have a new, lighter, brighter floor without breaking the bank and without missing out on your next vacation.

Nevertheless, if you don't redo the floor, you can put some light colored rugs on it, which will reduce the dark side and bring some light to the room.

4. De-clutter and/or change furniture

An overcrowded and cluttered room is often also a dark room, because it does not let the light through in an optimal way. In a small room, avoid large massive pieces of furniture that take up a lot of space, and instead choose small pieces of furniture with thin lines that, in addition to saving space and light, are also more aesthetically pleasing.

And to take the attention to detail even further, choose closed furniture in neutral colors or transparent materials.

5. Use mirrors

to lighten a room in an apartment
to lighten a room in an apartment

A mirror transforms a room by playing on the perspective and reflecting light. Placed in front of or near a light source, it will be able to reflect its rays and illuminate the darkest corners of your house or apartment. Do some tests with different shapes and sizes of mirrors and you will certainly end up with an improvement of the general luminosity.

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6. Improve lighting (artificial light)

Multiply the sources of light by installing floor lamps, ceiling lights, lanterns, or hanging lamps. However, make sure that the lighting is well distributed and does not leave dark areas in a room. You should also take great care in the choice of bulbs, which should provide a pleasant light capable of spreading over the entire surface of the space to be lit.

7. Limit the presence of dark colors in the decoration

Paintings, hangers, cushions, vases, candles, your decorative elements can darken or lighten your interior depending on the colors you put forward. Just as a room cluttered with too many objects ends up becoming oppressive and less bright. Limit the number of decorative objects and the use of dark colors to a few small touches here and there.

8. Replace solid doors with glass doors

What if your doors became sources of light! By exchanging an exterior solid door for a glass door, you create a new entry point for light into the room served by that door. The idea is just as good for interior doors, which, when transparent, bring openness and more light.

9. Knock down a partition

As long as you don't have to deal with a load-bearing wall, you can consider knocking down a partition. On the one hand you will get more space, on the other hand you will have a brighter and more pleasant surface to live than small narrow rooms.

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