Practical guide to pruning trees and shrubs like a professional

Property owners are required to prune their trees. In addition to its mandatory nature, pruning them is beneficial to their health. This process also helps to preserve the harmony of the garden. To succeed, certain basic rules must be respected. Precisely, we put at your disposal a practical guide to successfully prune your trees and shrubs like a professional. Discover it!

Perform tree pruning work at the right frequency  

It is important to know when you have pruned your trees for the last time. If you don't remember, we suggest you contact an arboriculture specialist like this experienced pruner as on this site. After an evaluation of the condition of your plants, he will tell you if it is necessary to prune them. 

Professionals in the field generally determine the frequency of work according to the age of the subject to be worked on. As such, trees less than two years old will be pruned every year. Those older than 10 years will be pruned every 2 years. As for the subjects aged 20 years, their pruning is done every 4 or 5 years. Finally, a pruning every 10 years will be necessary for trees older than 20 years.

Choose the right time to prune your trees

Pruning work is done at a key time of the year. The time of year depends on the species of the plant being pruned. When pruning is done during the wrong period, it can be harmful to the tree. Winter is considered to be the most favorable season to perform such a task, because the plants are in full vegetative rest. However, there are varieties of plants that do not tolerate winter pruning. Thus, their pruning is carried out in late fall. Of all the seasons, spring and summer should be avoided. Since there is a lot of sap movement, there will be a lot of resin flowing after pruning. In all cases, it is wiser to leave a professional tree trimmer Determine the best time to prune your trees.

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Only prune your trees when really necessary

If you prune your trees too often, you risk weakening them. Indeed, pruning plants is not done just for fun. If you don't do it properly, it can have a negative impact on the health of your trees. They may even die. Therefore, pruning work should only be done when it is really necessary. This is the case, for example, when some of these branches threaten to fall. In this case, public safety is at risk. The regulations in force require the work. They are also unavoidable when your neighbor asks for the pruning of the branches of your tree which are overhanging on his plot.

Request the services of a professional tree trimmer

Of course, it is more economical to do our own tree pruning. Nevertheless, the intervention of a professional in the field is highly recommended. Indeed, the execution of this work presents many risks, including falls from height and injuries caused by the chainsaw. Indeed, pruning requires a good mastery of the handling of sharp tools at height. The worker must also know the techniques of climbing and moving at height. In addition, a good knowledge of plants is essential. Indeed, the pruning method to be undertaken depends on the species of the tree to be pruned.

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