Anti-panic lock: everything you need to know

Are you planning to optimize your opening system soon? It's time for you to adopt the panic lock. It is a useful and very practical system appreciated by households looking for ease and convenience. Unlike a conventional lock, the "anti-panic" lock allows maximum comfort to the user.

In particular, it makes it easier to open your front door, your garage or any other room in your home. Efficient, but still little known, the anti-panic lock deserves its place in your structures. If you are not yet convinced by the installation of such a system in your home, these few lines will certainly change your mind. Browse for more details.

Anti-panic lock: what is it?

By definition, the anti-panic lock is a mechanism consisting of lock mechanism installed on the doors in order to guarantee an easy opening for all inhabitants of the house. Usually installed by a locksmith as present on this linkThis type of lock clearly combines the useful with the pleasant. It also offers you the possibility to leave your home quickly in case of emergency.

Panic locks are especially seen in closed and crowded places such as shopping malls, party halls, stadiums and others. Places where an unlimited number of people gather. To open this kind of system, nothing could be easier, just press the horizontal bar that forms it, taking care to push it in the direction in which the door opens.

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As soon as the lock is activated, the bolts that are attached to the floor or to the frame disengage, thus opening the door. For this reason, the anti-panic lock is a lock that allows you to instantly unlock your door while facilitating the exit of people with optimal security.

The advantages of the anti-panic lock

Both in terms of functionality and practicality, the anti-panic lock has virtually nothing to do with traditional locks. Normally installed in emergency exits, this model of lock has the first advantage of being very simple to operate.

In particular, it is formed by a horizontal bar placed inside the door, in the direction of the exit. More particularly innovative, the anti-panic lock also has no knobs or handles in addition to having a bar that can take either a horizontal or a descending arc shape.

Ideally installed in emergency exits, in places where there is a lot of traffic such as hospitals, train stations, etc., the anti-panic lock is intended to facilitate the evacuation of people in the shortest possible time in the event of an unforeseen event. Nevertheless, some models are perfectly suitable for single and double doors. Their main characteristic, as underlined above, is the quick opening system of your exits or exit door.

Unlike conventional locks or systems, it should be noted that anti-panic locks do not have a handle or knob, they can be opened by means of the horizontal bar that composes it. Thanks to this innovative system, you will also be able to open your door in any position.

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To say that a simple downward pressure will be sufficient by far to open a panic lock. A gesture that will cause the disengagement of the latches and release their opening. The only drawback is that this type of lock is not recommended for people with amputated hands or a localized handicap on the hands.

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