How do I change my car insurance?

Car insurance is mandatory for all motorists. Indeed, when acquiring a vehicle, its owner must choose between several insurers to select only the one that meets his expectations. However, it should be noted that this situation can change and that during the year, the individual finds a more interesting offer or wants to commit to another provider. This usually leads to the desire to change car insurance. It should be noted that since the introduction of the Hamon lawThis is not only possible, but also easier.

Reasons to change your car insurance

Change the car insuranceThe decision to change insurance, while the policy is still in effect, can be made for a variety of reasons. The most common is therate increase put in place by your insurer. Or the availability of an insurance that offers a more advantageous price. It is also possible to express the will to change insurer if the guarantees that were contracted during the old contract are no longer adequate to your requirements. You can also opt for temporary car insuranceThis one may be able to meet your needs.

It can also be related to the destruction of your vehicle or its theft.

You should know that it is possible to change your insurance company if your contract comes to an end. This way, if you are not satisfied with their service or compensation, you can leave your current insurer on the anniversary date of the contract. However, you should know that the process of changing your contract is not the same for all the reasons mentioned above. Indeed, for each of them, a specific approach will have to be adopted.

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The right time to change your car insurance

Car insurance is not so different from motorcycle or home insurance. Moreover, you can discover here the 5 things to check in your home insurance policy. Therefore, it is mandatory for any owner to subscribe to it, but it will also be possible to cancel it. The implementation of the Hamon law grants the right to do so when the owner expresses the will. However, it is essential that your contract is more than one year old. However, some exceptions can be considered for termination. The most common case in changing car insurance is when the current contract expires, because in this case the owner will not be subject to the payment of :

  • Penalties;
  • Additional costs.

This became possible in 2015, thanks to the Consumer Law. It is important to know that in this case, it will be up to your new insurance to take care of the cancellation. To do this, it will initiate contact with the old insurance.

The second time you can make such a change is four weeks before your contract anniversary. To do so, the Chatel law insurance companies are required to notify their clients of the arrival of the fence by sending a registered letter three months in advance. Therefore, if the client does not receive the letter within this period, he/she will be able to change his/her insurance without having to pay any fees or provide any justification. In addition, for those who wish to change their insurance before their contract reaches the first year of signing, this is generally impossible. Except, in the case of a change of personal situation such as :

  • Your move ;
  • Change of marital status;
  • Transition to Retired Status;
  • Start a new profession.
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In order for these to be taken into consideration by the insurer, the client has three months to notify it.

The process of changing your car insurance

In order to change car insurance, the individual usually goes through three main phases. The first is to conduct a study of the different offers available from other insurances and choose the one that allows you to have the same guarantees with a more interesting price.

Then, the second phase consists in knowing if you have the right of withdrawal. After confirmation, it will be time to go to your new insurer to sign another contract. However, you will have to find out what documents you need to provide beforehand.

Finally, the last step consists of the termination of the contract with your former insurer. It is possible that the chosen insurer takes care of the whole process by contacting the former insurer, but it is also possible to proceed with the cancellation yourself. To do so, you will have to send a registered letter, preferably with acknowledgement of receipt. This step is generally mandatory when the client is in a particular situation. It is important to know that sometimes it is necessary to include a proof of identity.

Specific situations that allow you to change your insurance

In addition to the one mentioned above, it is important to know that in some cases, it will also be possible for you to make this change. However, these reasons are quite specific. We can mention in particular:

  • Fluctuation in the level of risk covered ;
  • Sale of your vehicle ;
  • Unjustified increase in the cost of the fee;
  • Death of the client.
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