Dog treats: choose wisely!

When you want to reward or simply spoil your pet, treats are the ideal gift.

In addition to being a little extra, they are often real food supplements that will improve his daily diet. Be careful, however, to choose them carefully so as to please your dog without giving him unnecessary elements.

Why give your dog treats?

Just like for us, treats are not compulsory foods. It is not even recommended to abuse them, so why would you want to give them to your pet whose nutritional needs are already met by a healthy diet?

Treats can have several uses, starting with a "pleasure" function. When we offer a small treat to our four-legged friend, feeling his joy and pleasure are enough to fill us with happiness! Yes, a little treat for your dog is above all a selfless gift that you choose to give. It must be said that their particularly appetizing tastes delight all breeds of dogs who cannot resist the call of greed!

The other purpose of treats is to reward your pet. They are frequently used in the context of positive education. The ability of the dog to associate one of his actions with a gesture from you allows him to learn the basic gestures. For each command well followed, a small treat plays the role of award.

Another category of treats has real health or well-being qualities for the dog. Whether you want to reinforce his oral hygiene, his joint mobility or help him take his medication, small treats are your allies, provided you choose them well.

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Choosing the right dog treat

Cereal-free, anti-tart, for sterilized or overweight dogs or even reserved for puppies, dog treats come in various forms. They should be given sparingly and chosen carefully. Their price is usually quite low, so we recommend buying premium treats, for which the composition is clear, transparent and of high quality.

Many brands offer their own treats on the shelves, and there are new ones online with very healthy recipes. This is the case, for example, with the treats at Japhy, which are not only well made but also come in a pretty package. They are certified 100% natural (no GMO, no coloring, no chemical preservatives), made in France, contain no cereals, no gluten, and a high level of meat. As for the taste, in addition to the good taste of meat (30% of raw protein) which should please your dog, Japhy bets on aromatic plants for a real moment of greediness.

As for the quantity, it is always better to remain reasonable. A maximum of 6 treats per day for a dog weighing up to 4kg, 12 for a dog weighing up to 15kg and 15 for dogs weighing over 20kg.

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