Coliving: a form of housing for freelancers

The coliving is a very popular form of housing for young independent workers and freelancers. It is a type of real estate that offers you the opportunity to work and live in the same place. Moreover, it is economical and allows you to share several experiences between co-workers. If you are interested in this style of real estate, here are the essentials to help you discover it better.

What is it?

This new concept of real estate has appeared between the years 2018 and 2019 in France. The coliving has gained a great reputation and has become very popular with young independent workers. It is actually an extension of coworking, a style of real estate that combines workspace and living space very well.

This type of real estate offers a warm, comfortable and relaxing space for companies and individuals. In such accommodations, the rooms, the bathrooms and the toilets are private. You share the kitchen, living room and garden with your roommates. From this description, it could look like a roommate. What makes it special is the shared work space.

Adopting this type of furniture is to have a community work life in a good atmosphere, while respecting the privacy of each occupant. It has many advantages for independent workers.

What are the origins of this type of roommate?

The idea was first mooted in 2010 in America following the successive economic collapses. In fact, workspaces were becoming vacant and companies were closing their doors in the face of the financial crisis. The real estate sector is thus taking a hit in terms of workspace or coworking.

A solution had to be found to allow the beneficiaries to continue working without spending a fortune. Thus, the users developed this idea to respond to the situation that was becoming more and more critical.

The real estate structures have thus kept pace and developed several spaces. This has allowed legal or physical persons to live and work together in a common place. In France, this concept is in full expansion due to the increasing number of young entrepreneurs. They benefit from a quiet, flexible and well-equipped space to carry out their activity.

What are the advantages of coliving?

It is not always easy to live or work together. Combining these two concepts is not always beneficial. However, it does have a positive impact because it allows you to succeed both in terms of professional and personal.

An economical place to work and live for the colivers

Coliving is an ideal way to find accommodation for freelancers and independent workers. For the latter, it is not always easy to find a place to live even if their income is sometimes very high. Landlords have a hard time trusting them because they consider them financially and professionally unstable.

This housing idea is therefore perfect for freelancers. It allows several individuals to combine their efforts to ensure the rental of their accommodation and workplace. This way, the rent is shared and costs less to each other. This is an additional insurance for the owners.

Take advantage of the synergy of the working group

This co-location and coworking space allows its occupants to share knowledge and develop a team spirit. In addition to working together, you also have a common place to live, a factor that helps to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the different partners. In fact, they can develop a certain complicity that is beneficial for them and that allows them to make the work evolve.

Live a totally new experience

It is a great experience that promotes community living and allows you to create good relationships. It is impossible to get bored in this type of housing. You are accompanied, surrounded and supported in your activity.

Please note that your privacy will not be violated in any way in this context. When you feel like being alone or receiving a loved one, you can retreat to your room. All of this will help you to be in a good frame of mind and contribute to your personal development.

Where and how to find this form of accommodation?

There are many platforms and websites that can help you find this type of accommodation easily. These sites offer you spaces accessible to all on their web page. No matter where you are located in France, you will be able to find an accommodation that suits your taste and your budget.

To make a good choice, it is recommended to consult several sites dedicated to real estate. This way, you will more easily find the home that suits you. Photos are made available to Internet users to help them appreciate the proposed setting.

Once you have made your choice, all you need to do is to settle the various terms and conditions to take possession of your home and workplace.

You can also visit the websites of real estate companies. You are bound to find a real estate space that will combine work and home of your choice.

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