Can I take out a consumer loan with an online bank?

Nowadays, you can do everything online, one of the services that people use the most is online banking. This type of bank 2.0 is very popular, especially among young people who like to have all their services at their fingertips. An online bank can also allow us to make a consumer credit, to know more about it, read our article!

What is an online bank?

Quite recent, the online banks are platforms that offer the same services that can be found in a physical bank. When you want to go online for a banking service, you will notice that there are differences between online banks. Indeed, some offer more services than others, but these are platforms that belong to sectors that are always aiming to improve their services and that make sure to make everything possible with just a few clicks!

What is an online bank?Some of these mobile banks offer innovative and attractive features. An online bank will offer you for example a real time follow-up of your balance, or it will automatically categorize your different expenses.

You can also be offered an online kitty, which will allow you to store an amount as a kitty that you can use later for a celebration, going away party, etc. One of the reasons why these online banks are popular is that services can be done abroad at no charge ! The management of your bank cards becomes also accessible in a few seconds, and that, wherever you are, you can proceed to several actions in connection with your bank card for example:

  • Request your secret code;
  • Block your card temporarily;
  • Check the status of your card.
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It is also possible to consult the money available in your accountBut also to have cashback, which is an online feature that is growing more and more. In addition to cashback, some online banks offer a "piggy bank" function as well as vouchers for customers who are interested!

How to make a consumer credit on an online bank?

We have all needed it at some point in our lives, the famous consumer credit, sometimes essential to move on to other stages of our personal lives such as organize your wedding. When you apply for a loan from a bank (online or physical) for a consumer credit, you can borrow large amounts of money to finance a project. This loan can be spread over several months.

It is now easy to apply for a consumer credit through an online bank. The criteria to be met to be eligible are the same in general. If it is a French online bank, it is enough to be resident in France and to be a natural person. This is possible for a major as well as for a minor.

In order to have the possibility ofRequesting a consumer loan from an online bankIf you are an individual, you must first be a customer of the same bank by creating a current account (this can also work by creating a joint account). If you are a natural person of age, you must act as a private individual, you can also be a private entrepreneur.

What about monthly payments?

When you apply for a consumer credit on a bank that is 100 % onlineSome banks can be very flexible with regard to monthly payments. An online bank can allow you to suspend the repayment of monthly payments (within the time limit) or change the date on which the payments are made, this kind of option is very convenient for customers.

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What about monthly payments?

It is important to know that it is also possible to proceed with full repayment of credit You can pay off your consumer loan early (as required by law). Online banks allow you to receive the funds for your loan very quickly, about two weeks after you have entered into the contract and subject to the bank's approval.

The online banks provide you with an online consumer credit simulation according to your project and provide you with all the necessary information on their websites to create an account and to apply for a consumer credit. This type of online tool allows you to establish the duration of the credit depending on the type of project and its cost! The tariffs relating to the repayment of the credit are also made available to the customers and future customers. It has never been so easy to make consumer credits. Thanks to online banks, this process is made easier and does not take much time between free simulations and sending an application!

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