Criteria to consider when choosing the best caterer

In the world of events, opting for a high-end caterer means having the opportunity to benefit from a personalized service. To delight the taste buds of your guests, he will offer a myriad of refined and diversified dishes. His mission is not only limited to cooked dishes, but also to the implementation of menus that fit your private receptions or your professional events. For a brunch, a buffet, a business meal or a family meal, choose a caterer to surprise your taste buds. But how to choose one?

Minimize your options

For your next receptions, the first step is to choose only the best in the field. If you are inexperienced in the industry, ask your friends and family to recommend a caterer for your event. Don't hesitate to check online reviews to eliminate inexperienced caterers who will not meet your requirements. You can also contact your event venue directly so that they can help you select a catering service with whom he has already collaborated in the past!

Conduct a site visit

This is an important point before selecting a catering service. Indeed, you must visit their kitchensWe can also examine the cleanliness of the premises and evaluate the professionalism of the waiters and staff.

A dirty, messy kitchen is a wake-up call. It is imperative that the staff is not only clean but also attentive to your requests.

Evaluate the various menu options

Examine the various menu options and, most importantly, go through the catering specialties high end paris. Not all services are suitable for all events. But you want the service to fit your needs.

For weddings, seminars, a vin d'honneur, a business meal, a baptism... It is imperative to discuss all menu options. Also, review the dietary restrictions of the guests.

Sweet, salty, hot, cold, vegan, halal, organic, the caterer is a real cook who will know how to prepare a wide selection of dishes. From the aperitif to the dessert, it will satisfy you at every stage of your reception.

Inquire about staff availability

Before entering into a contract, the caterer must have the necessary personnel to ensure the service during the whole event. The number of people you need to assist you will depend on the size and nature of your reception. If you are not sure how many staff you will need, here are some tips:

  • For the buffets For large groups, two waiters are needed for every 30 guests. For large groups, 2 or 3 extra people are needed to restock and clean up.
  • For a sit-down dinnerFor each table of 8 people, one waiter is needed, with additional staff for drinks.
  • For the barFor every 50 guests, there should be at least one bartender and one barista.

To supervise the service, you will need a chef de service. He or she will make sure that every glass and every plate is properly filled.

Tasting of the dishes

For unforgettable festivities, nothing beats quality dishes and calling on a high-end caterer.

For a turnkey event, and tasty food, you should definitely ask the cocktail tasting. Indeed, it is imperative to approve the various dishes that will be served.

Finally, the service must take into account your budget. The quote requested should cover the entire service, including installation, de-installation and all personnel arrangements.

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