How to make unicorn decoration for a birthday party?

We all love unicorns and this magical creature inspires decorations for an unforgettable birthday party. So are you ready to make decorations for a unicorn themed birthday party? Read our guide to see some ideas for trendy birthday party decorations!

Unicorn themed birthday wall decorations

Unicorn themed birthday wall decorationsThe nice thing about the unicorn themeis that it is a theme that can be used for a 12 year old girl's birthday party as well as for a birthday party for an older girl. organized for the birthday of a two year old baby. The theme unicorn can be declined in different ways and can be adapted to all ages. We can put large balloons and piñatas in the shape of unicorns for the little ones, and posters and other small discreet treats in the shape of unicorns for the older ones, those who have kept their soul of children.

At a birthday party, there is something more important than the birthday cake, and that is: the decoration! It's the first thing people notice when they walk into your living room or dining room! So, after you've made sure to clean everything up, you can move on to the fun part of throwing a unicorn birthday party! We have selected original decoration ideas that will be a sensation!

A large unicorn wall sticker

Unicorns can be recognized by their famous golden horn that stands proudly above their head! You can also recognize them by their very long and feminine lashes. So even if you can't find unicorn wall stickers, simple eyelash stickers and a golden triangle sticker will be enough to make a unicorn on the wall. You can decorate these stickers of paper flowersThe best is to place the unicorn wall sticker above or near the birthday table.

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Balloon arches

You can't have a birthday party without balloons! You can decorate your walls by making up a bow with a multitude of colored balloonsChoose pastel colors that recall the sweetness and enchantment of the unicorn world:

  • Powder pink;
  • Purple or lilac;
  • White;
  • The sky blue.

These colors are sure to remind your guests that they are invited to a magical world! Gold or glitter balloons can be added here and there to add even more drama.

A garland made of paper circles

There are several ways to make a paper garland for a birthday party, you can even buy them ready-made. If you want to make them yourself, and want a change from the old crepe paper garlands, you can make garlands by stringing circles cut out of pastel paper on long pieces of string, separate the circles with stars cut out of gold paper and you have garlands for an original backdrop! A perfect wall decoration for a unicorn themed birthday party. You can attach these garlands anywhere you like, under the birthday table, over the couch, or in the garden if you plan to have your party outdoors.

The decoration of the birthday table

Moving on to the birthday table, you can decorate the table with a powder pink glitter tablecloth, or you can make your own tablecloth with pastel colored rufflesIt will add lightness to the table!

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For the drinking glasses, you can add little horns and ears cut out of stiff cardboard to stick on the cups. The drinks that you will serve will also play a role in the decoration, multicolored smoothies will make an incredible effect on the table, do not forget to prepare enough for all your guests!

What to add on the birthday table?

What to add on the birthday table?Whether you choose to make them yourself with cardboard and paper flowers or get them in LED form, alphabet letters on the birthday table will put the birthday queen in the spotlight. You can now find in gift and birthday stores LED lamps that are shaped like alphabet letters, put the first letter of your child's name on the table so everyone knows who should be the center of attention!

It doesn't take much to make birthday decorations, and the unicorn theme allows you to use decorations in a variety of ways! Your guests are sure to have fun at your party while admiring the wonderful decorations you make! The unicorn birthday party is going to be a real magic momentAnd if you like to create your own decorations, all the ideas presented in this article are easily achievable, you can find DIY in a few clicks!

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