Detecting the sources of water damage: our advice

Do you notice dark stains on your wall, blistering wallpaper, crumbling paint, a foul odor in the room, a halo on the ceiling, or walls leaking water? If these symptoms appear suddenly, it means that you have water damage in your home. Before proceeding to a repair, it is necessary to identify the different causes. Read on to find out what you need to know about detecting water damage

Identifying the causes of water damage is essential!

When a water damage occurs, it is necessary to determine its origin, that is to say the main causes. This is important in order to limit the flow of water, to restore peace of mind in your home, to redo the embellishments, to determine the responsibilities and to obtain compensation following the declaration of the disaster to the insurance company. 

To identify the causes of a leak or water damage, it is important to contact urgently plumber paris 17, who is able to perform an inspection using the right equipment.

Report the loss according to its origin 

The origin of a water damage varies according to the place where it is located. Indeed, a water leakage can occur in the private parts but also in the common parts. Its origin can be located in one or the other.

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For example, if the water damage occurred in the private area where the damage is located, the tenant must declare the loss to his insurance company or the co-owner.

However, if the water damage is in the private areas of a neighbor's home, the claim must be reported by completing a report The CIDRE agreement facilitates the relationship between the two insurers. The CIDRE agreement governs the relationship between the two insurers in order to facilitate the claims process.

Furthermore, if the water flow is located in the common areas, it is the syndic who must be informed. In turn, he must declare the damage to the co-ownership's insurer as part of his multi-risk building contract. 

Carrying out a water leak search 

After reporting the loss to the insurance company, a thorough investigation must be carried out to determine the exact origin of the water damage. It is important to know that the leak detection Paris is an essential step in locating and pinpointing the source of the water flow. Only an expert in the field can set up a quick and efficient inspection. Moreover, this professional will be able to handle the different technologies used to detect all types of water leaks. However, this intervention sometimes requires the deterioration of a wall, partition or slabs, it is the case when the leak is on an inaccessible pipe.

In any case, the intervention of a leak detection expert is essential to ensure the effectiveness of the work and to be able to proceed with the necessary repairs.

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Repairing water damage, who will pay for it?

Once the leak is found, it is important to make the necessary repairs before the situation gets any worse. This will also stop the flow of water and restore tranquility to your home.  

Depending on the origin of the leak, the repair may be the responsibility of the tenant, the co-owner, or the co-ownership. If the leak is in the common areas, it will never be covered by the insurance. On the other hand, you will not receive any compensation until the leak is detected. If you have already done the repairs, keep all the invoices and proof of the work done. If the repair is done by the building's janitor or employee, then keep the plumber's estimate or the invoice for the purchase of the repair material.

In any case, the water leak must not be repaired before the expert comes to assess the damaged property and determine the extent of the water damage. Do not attempt any repair or restoration before the expert's intervention! 

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