Electronic cigarettes: how to choose them?

Accessories for smoking in a healthier way, electronic cigarettes exist for all tastes. They range from the most abstract models to the most classic through the most artistic models. Discover in this article the elements to take into account to choose them well.


This is one of the most important criteria to consider when choosing The top electronic cigarettes. It differs from one accessory to another and is usually expressed in milliampere-hour (mAh). On the other hand, it allows you to determine the time that the battery of electronic cigarettes will last before being completely discharged. Thus, to vapoter for many hours without needing to recharge his electronic cigarette, it is recommended to opt for devices with a very good autonomy.

In addition, note that electronic cigarettes whose autonomy is about 2,200 mAh are perfect to satisfy beginners or occasional smokers. As for the average smokers, they must prefer the devices of 2,600 mAh to vapoter in all serenity. As for the heavy smokers, they are required to opt for the batteries of 4,000 mAh, or even more to have an electronic cigarette adapted to their needs.

The power

Expressed in Watts (W), the power of electronic cigarettes must also be sufficient to enjoy a good experience. Its choice depends on the habits, experience or desires of each smoker. Thus, if you are, for example, a novice vapoteur, it will be necessary to prefer electronic cigarettes of less than 100 Watts to vapoter well. Otherwise, opt for powers of more than 100 Watts so that your needs are fully met. On the other hand, this power can also be preferred by smokers who love to create very large clouds while vaping.

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The inhalation method

In general, electronic cigarettes are vaped in two different ways: direct inhalation (vape Direct Laungh or DL) and indirect inhalation (vape Mouth To Laungh or MTL).

As for the direct inhalation, it allows to obtain an abundant vapor. It is therefore recommended to experienced vapoteurs or who love air draws. Moreover, it is suitable for the most powerful electronic cigarettes and is compatible with many e-liquids.

As for indirect inhalation, it is the softest method of vaping. It allows tight draws in addition to being perfect for novice vapers. On the other hand, it is also suitable for smokers who want to better feel the flavor of e-liquids and produces light hits.

Ease of use and resistance

Whether they are designed for occasional, regular or experienced smokers, electronic cigarettes come in several models. They are more or less easy to use depending on their size, design or shape. Those that are the easiest to use are easy to take in hand. They are recommended to beginners vapoteurs.

In addition, remember that electronic cigarettes are also produced in several materials (rubber, plastic, metal ...). Those that are made of the most resistant materials are stronger, but also last much longer.

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