Electrical emergency: how to pay less?

The electrical emergency is a service offered by most electrical companies and independent electricians in France. This emergency service to solve all kinds of electrical breakdowns is in great demand in all French cities. Calling on these professionals is a guarantee of quality and reliability for individuals as well as for companies or communities. However, this service can have a certain cost. Here are some tips to pay less.

Do you really need an emergency intervention?

Sometimes, the nature of the breakdown does not require the intervention of a craftsman electrician. This is especially true for widespread outages that can affect an entire neighborhood or city. In this case, just call your electricity distributor.

Some breakdowns are also fairly easy to fix yourself such as replacing a faulty socket or changing an electrical switch. You can find many tutorials online to guide you step by step through this process. These small DIY electrical jobs allow you to save some money for bigger projects since you will only have to pay for the new electrical materials.

Compare the rates of several electricians

If your breakdown has a complex origin or if your installation is so important that qualifications If you have any special requirements, don't hesitate to call in a professional electrician. This is the case, for example, for the repair of an electric heater or the replacement of an electrical panel.

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Since there are sometimes several electrical repair offers in the same geographical area, it can be difficult to choose, especially when there are many elements to consider.

It is therefore always more interesting to make a price comparison beforehand. Do not hesitate to ask for quotes from several electrical companies. These detailed documents are generally free and do not commit you to anything. The research of the electrical failure costs between 65 € and 110 € HT. The hourly rate of an electrician is from 30 € to 70 € depending on the place and time of intervention. If you want competitive rates, click here

Avoid additional costs

The estimate takes into account the price of the electrical diagnosis, the hourly cost of labor, travel expenses, and the price of materials needed for the work. However, an electrician's bill may include surcharges ranging from 10% to 15% if you use his services at night or on weekends.

Before calling on a professional, you should therefore ask yourself whether the intervention is urgent. If possible, you should avoid these time slots and holidays if you do not want to pay more.

The reduction in your electrical bill may not cover all the losses you may incur by choosing to wait. A prolonged power outage is inconceivable, especially in winter for heating or when it creates a safety problem for property and people.

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Use the guarantees and insurance

Before replacing any electrical parts or equipment, check the manufacturer's warranty. If you have hired an electrician to install your electrical equipment, he should have professional insurance and ten-year or biennial guarantees. Do not hesitate to contact him again to find out if your problem can be solved.

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