All you need to know about pet insurance

You are the proud owner of one or more pets. You are wondering whether or not you should take out pet health insurance for them. In general, it is optional, but it is strongly recommended. What is it? What does it cover? What type of insurance should you choose for your pets?

What is pet insurance?

As its name indicates, pet insurance is a contract of health mutual for pets. It is also called a mutual insurance for animals. It is there to cover the health expenses of your dog, cat or any other pet in case of illness or accident. You can discover here more information on health insurance for these animals.

However, it must be distinguished from civil liability. This covers you as the owner in case of damage caused by the animal. It is often included in the clauses of the comprehensive home insurance contract. For the mutual insurance for animals, it covers you in case of illness or accident of your animal.

The subscription to these two types of contracts is not mandatory. But as mentioned, it is recommended. You never know if your pet will have an accident or suddenly become ill. At that moment, the medical expenses can be high. 

What is covered by the mutual insurance for animals?

Pet insurance offers a wide range of coverage to help alleviate the expense of your pet's medical care. The level of coverage varies from one insurer to another. But generally speaking, a pet insurance policy will take care of some or all of your pet's medical expenses:

  • veterinary consultation ;
  • prescribed medications;
  • hospital expenses: fees, interventions, examinations;
  • vaccinations ;
  • sterilization;
  • descaling ;
  • deworming.
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But some insurers also offer optional coverage such as cremation expenses. They can also help you find your pet if it goes missing. Check with your insurance company to find out exactly what coverage is included in your pet insurance policy.

What does pet health insurance not cover?

Like any type of insurance, the mutual insurance for animals also has exclusions. These depend on the animal and the plan chosen. This mutual insurance does not cover :

  • expenses for ocular prostheses;
  • identification costs such as tattooing;
  • special food such as diet food;
  • the age of the animal: most insurers refuse to insure animals that are too old.

So, to avoid unpleasant surprises, find out about these exclusions as well before you buy pet insurance.

How to choose the best pet insurance?

Pet insurance policies are numerous. They all claim to be an expert in the field. But some of them are not. Among the different offers, how to find the best one?

Choose coverage based on your pet. Your pet's needs vary depending on its breed, age and overall health. Choose a policy that covers the care that's right for your pet. In addition, study each plan offered by insurers. Coverage levels and price depend on the plan you choose. You can choose from budget plans, intermediate plans and premium plans.

A through the formulas, check the franchise and the reimbursement rate. Pay attention to the waiting period. If you want to get competitive prices, shop around. To do this, compare the different elements mentioned above. This way, finding a better mutual insurance for your pet will allow him to be better protected.

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