How to fix in concrete?

Concrete is a solid material that is widely used in the construction industry. It is important to know that it has a high resistance, so some basic rules must be applied in order to put fixings in it so that they are solidly anchored. 

Tools needed:

In this exercise, we will need a percussion drill and an expansion plug;

A threaded rod; chemical sealing resin; and a concrete drill bit.

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How to fix a load in concrete?

Extremely strong concrete requires strong materials to penetrate it. For solid walls, it is strongly recommended to insert an expansion anchor, which has the particularity of resting against the edge of the drill hole for a better anchoring. This type of anchor is perfectly adapted to all loads. However, for extremely heavy loads, chemical sealing may be a better choice.


Chemical sealing is a technique of anchoring by injection of a specific resin. It hardens once dry, and it allows a secure fixation in any support. The procedure is slightly different depending on whether the material is solid or hollow. By the way, this type of sealing is available in kit form, including a resin box, a set of plastic screens and threaded rods with nuts and washers. However, these components can also be purchased separately.

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Here are the steps to follow for the realization

First, choose the right anchor bolt for the load you want to attach to the wall, then choose the corresponding concrete drill bit. This step is important, as it will determine the strength of the binding. Next, bring your impact drill. You can also choose an electro-pneumatic hammer or a forager depending on the depth you want to drill into the concrete. 

Then plan to drill a hole slightly deeper than the length of the anchor for easy insertion.If necessary, drill the hole with a hammer, then position the anchor in the hole.Screw the screw into the pin and place the object to be hung.In the case of very heavy loads, chemical sealing is preferred. The process uses threaded rods that are fixed into the concrete with a special resin.

For this purpose, except that the hole must be deeper, the drilling process is the same as the process of inserting the expansion dowel.Prepare the resin according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer, then pour it into the hole from the inside out. Finally, drive the threaded rod in immediately. When the fixing is dry, tighten the heavy components.

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