Funeral homes in Lyon: What you need to know before making your choice

At some point in one's life, one may lose a loved one. Although this tragedy affects the entire family, it is necessary to make the appropriate arrangements for the funeral of the deceased. Therefore, it is necessary to find a funeral home that can provide psychological support and quality services. Since the choice of such a structure should not be made in haste if one wishes to give a vibrant tribute to the deceased loved one, it is essential to know more about it.

The services offered by the funeral home

A funeral director is actually a company that has been authorized by the prefect of a department to organize funerals. Among its mandatory services is the provision of a coffin with 4 handles or a cinerary urn. This structure must also offer an identity plate and take care of the funeral transport. Burial or cremation is also an integral part of the services provided by the funeral home.

However, some companies add options to their basic services. Indeed, the relatives of the deceased can resort to these companies for the accompaniment in the administrative steps and the publication of the obituary notice in a newspaper. In addition to these services, this agency also takes care of the organization of the tribute ceremony, the transportation of the body before and after the burial and in a hearse, the washing of the deceased and the entire organization of the funeral ceremony.

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Funeral services and the repatriation of a body from abroad

A death that takes place outside the territory of the deceased can benefit from the repatriation of the body. In this case, when the steps to be taken are not known, it becomes more than necessary to use the services of the funeral directors in Lyon. Once the local authorities are informed of the situation and issue a certificate, the structure responsible for the repatriation takes care of the administrative formalities.

Examples include the request for repatriation of the body, the retrieval of the death certificate and the non-epidemic certificate for some country. It is also necessary to contact the prefect of the department in which the death occurred to establish the certificate of closure of the coffin.

How to choose a funeral company?

This question is often asked by grieving families, especially when they have already had a bad experience with a structure specialized in the organization of funerals. Moreover, theAFIF warns through its site the ones and the others on the way to do it. However, there are steps to follow.

  • Identification

When a death occurs, there is no need to add anxiety to the pain of losing a loved one. In fact, the burial or cremation must take place within 6 working days after a death, not including Sundays and holidays. Therefore, there is plenty of time to find out which funeral agencies operate near your home. Free estimates are also available on some websites.

  • Contacting us
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It is necessary to contact the chosen institutions. It is therefore essential to ask these structures for essential information that will help in the decision making process.

  • The importance of the advisor

When you go to a funeral home, there is always a person available to accompany the client. If this person did not prove to be an excellent advisor during the first contact, you should rethink your choice.

  • The need to be surrounded

The opinion of a family member or friend is recommended since the process is emotionally impactful and requires time and energy. Reviews on the company's website can also help you learn more about the quality of the service.

  • The quote

Taking the time to read the estimate from top to bottom is essential. It is important to identify which services are mandatory and which are optional. Having several estimates in your possession to compare will be beneficial in choosing the funeral agency that best meets your expectations.

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