How to recognize a natural latex mattress?

There are different types of mattresses on the market today. The natural latex mattress is one of them. So how can you tell it apart from other types of mattresses? In the following few lines, we will present you with everything you need to know to recognize a natural latex mattress. This recognition is based on the composition, the advantages and the certification of the natural latex mattress.

Recognize the natural latex mattress with its composition

To recognize the natural latex mattress, you should start by checking the composition of the mattress before your eyes. In fact, all mattresses on the market have a specific composition. It is through this composition that we can differentiate the natural mattress from other types of mattresses. In a latex mattress, there are usually natural and synthetic fibers.

In a natural latex mattress, there are more natural fibers than synthetic fibers. The mattress in question has a minimum of 85 % natural fibers. It is the percentage of fibers in the mattress that makes the difference between a simple latex and a natural latex. To obtain a natural latex mattress, it is necessary to use vegetable elements such as the rubber tree. This rubber tree will be extracted in a liquid state to obtain natural latex. Note that the name can lead to confusion. To avoid this, check the composition of the mattress.

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Recognize the natural latex mattress with its advantages

The recognition of the natural latex mattress can be done through the benefits that the mattress can offer to its user. When the mattress is really made of natural latex, you will enjoy all kinds of benefits. Otherwise, the mattress will not do you any good in your daily life. A real natural latex mattress will be soft and dense.

As a result, the mattress will perfectly fit the spine of its user. A real natural mattress will also be good for your health in general. The mattress is only made of materials that are not likely to damage your health. It is free from harmful substances. So you will not develop diseases and allergies with this mattress. And even if you are already prone to allergies, the mattress is anti-mite, hypoallergenic and anti-fungal. A true natural mattress will be environmentally friendly. It does not consist of harmful materials and does not use a lot of energy during production.

Recognize the natural latex mattress with its certification

It is possible to recognize a natural latex mattress by directly checking the certification of the mattress when buying it. The certification is the document in which it will be marked how and with what the mattress was made. It is the document that will prove that it is really a natural latex mattress. The brand manufacturers will grant this certification. Checking the certification is the easiest and fastest way to find out if a latex mattress is really natural. You can ask your seller for the certification of your natural latex mattress.

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