The importance of choosing your dog and cat food

Apart from practical reasons, choosing the right kibble for your dog or cat allows it to benefit from the nutritional intake necessary for its well-being. These vary according to the animal's condition, age, lifestyle, breed, etc. It is therefore important to know which kibble to choose in order to guarantee better health for your pet.

Choosing kibble according to the condition of your pets

The right diet helps to prevent certain pathologies and guarantee the well-being of your pets in a sustainable way. Unlike fertile dogs or cats, the dietary needs of spayed or neutered pets are different. They experience a change in metabolism after sterilization. This leads to a decrease of about 10 % in their energy needs, thus increasing their chance of becoming obese.

Thus, to prevent them from gaining weight that exposes them to many diseases, the wrong option would be to decrease their food intake. This choice exposes them to behavioral problems, frustration and undernourishment. To avoid this tyranny to your beloved companions, you must opt for a change of diet.

Light kibbles should be included in their diet. Like those of the Ultra Premium Direct brand, they are less fatty and guarantee the nutritional contributions necessary for the well-being of dogs and cats. A pioneer in grain-free nutrition, Ultra Premium Direct kibbles are faithful to the natural diet of animals. Made with high quality ingredients, they guarantee a better shape for your sterilized dogs and cats.

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Choose kibbles according to the age and lifestyle of your dog or cat

Like humans, pets' nutritional needs change as they age. Puppies and kittens have higher energy requirements to grow up than adult and senior dogs. An older dog is obviously less mobile than a younger dog. So, to keep him in shape, you must adapt his diet as his age evolves. This will allow him to grow and age in good health.

Also, even when they are young, our pets do not have the same habits and therefore do not need to have the same diet. A dog that doesn't move around much or a cat that lives in an apartment burns fewer calories than those who exercise every day. In contrast to the latter, you should opt for a lighter diet to avoid the risk of indigestion and obesity.

Finally, with age, the choice of kibbles must be made according to the dentition. Indeed, several pathologies weaken the dentition of pets. Therefore, it is necessary to choose kibbles adapted to the dentition of senior dogs and cats. Also, kibbles rich in fiber are ideal to facilitate digestion.

Choose kibble according to the breed and weight of your dog or cat

Feeding your dog according to its breed is essential to avoid the risk of obesity and developing certain pathologies. In fact, purebred dogs and cats have a more fragile health. An Australian Shepherd, for example, is a rather lively dog with a lot of stamina. It cannot be put on the same diet as a Golden Retriever whose high weight does not predispose it to great agility, especially in adulthood.

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As for teething problems, the size and shape of the kibble are elements to be taken into account. They should be chosen according to the age and breed of the animal. For example, small dog food is a risk for a large dog. They can be swallowed without being chewed and cause choking, whereas large kibbles will be difficult to chew for a Yorkshire for example.

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