How is the drain unclogging done?

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to have a clogged pipe in the toilet, sink, shower or sink. In this case, it will be necessary to proceed to the unblocking of your network to get rid of the blockage for good and avoid possible problems in the future. In most cases, it is necessary to call a specialized company to guarantee the durability and efficiency of the work to be done.

How does a blockage form in a pipe?

When the toilet, sink or lavatory becomes clogged, it is easy to intervene to solve the problem. However, the hairHair and other debris can build up in the pipes over time and can create large blockages. 

In this case, it is necessary to call upon a company of drain cleaningThese companies usually work with experienced and qualified technicians. These sanitation companies usually work with experienced and qualified technicians. They do their best to solve your problem in a fast and durable way.

What does unclogging a drain involve?

Unclogging is an essential technique to maintain the sewage pipes and to avoid the formation of possible blockages. There are several reliable and effective methods to achieve a quick and thorough unclogging of the pipes. 

First, the unblockers will establish a diagnosis using a small camera so that they can identify the location and nature of the clog. This inspection of the drains also allows the plumbers to visualize the interior and to choose the most appropriate unclogging technique for your situation.

For example, technicians can use an air gun that sends pressure to the clogged area to flush it down the drain. Alternatively, they can use automatic ferrets, cleaning rods or motorized drains that have a high impact power. These tools can be adapted to the nature of the clog and can be combined with a camera to obtain very effective results.

If the clogging problem still persists, the unclogging professionals will use a hydrocureur truck that will inject pressurized water into the clogged pipe to remove all the waste that is in it. The use of this technique requires training in order to handle it properly. The hydrocureur truck will not only remove the clog, but will also thoroughly clean your entire sewage system.

Why use a camera when unclogging a drain?

The use of a video inspection camera is essential before and after unclogging the pipes. Indeed, this device allows first to identify and locate the nature and location of a blockage before starting the unblocking work. An inspection camera can reach very narrow pipes. Equipped with LEDs, it provides a perfect view of the inside of the darkest pipes. At the end of his intervention, the plumber will use this professional camera to verify that the problem has been correctly solved.

How to avoid problems with clogged pipes?

To avoid any unclogging of your pipes, it is best to perform a thorough maintenance of your sewage system from time to time. Such an intervention will ensure the good condition of your pipes and prevent the formation of clogs that can lead to significant damage in your pipes. 

To do so, it is recommended to contact a sewerage company that will perform a video inspection of your pipes using professional and efficient equipment. In case of a problem, the unclogging experts will propose the best solutions taking into account the state of your pipes.

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