How to make a corporate portrait?

You have a corporate shoot planned and you want to do everything to make sure your photos are successful? Portrait photography has certain requirements that you should keep in mind to make your session a success. We explain it all to you!

5 keys to a successful corporate shoot!

Whether you're shooting for a creative startup or a law firm, there are certain rules that are unanimous in the matter. Between the use of a qualified professional and the attitude to adopt during the session, we give you the keys to succeed in your shooting!

Calling on a professional

To succeed in your corporate photos, it is first essential to call upon a professional in the field. Like any professional, each photographer has his specialties. Thus, it is recommended to call upon a specialist of the portrait, and even more a specialist of the portrait in company.

Indeed, only he will be able to direct the shooting to meet your expectations. Depending on your field of activity, but also on the objective of the shooting, the photographer will help you to choose the right attitude.

How to choose your outfit

It may seem obvious, but choosing the right outfit is essential. Indeed, it is an integral part of the photo. So, depending on your profession, you may have to choose a serious outfit, like a suit jacket, or a more casual one.

If you can't decide, the white shirt is a no-brainer, as Anne-Sophie Benoit, professional photographer in Lyon, explains. Reflecting the light perfectly, this outfit is suitable for all professions!

Also, remember to wear light makeup. To have good mine allows to realize more harmonious photos. Especially since it is good to know that a slightly supported make-up always appears lighter on the pictures.

Taking the time

Don't put pressure on yourself! The right photo is rarely the first one taken! So take time to relax and breathe to get comfortable. Posing in front of a lens can be uncomfortable for some people.

So, take the time to get used to the flashes, to the photographer's voice and test attitudes little by little. I promise you, you will soon be totally at ease.

It may also be a good idea to have your colleagues around you. Indeed, they know you well and will know how to make jokes to relax you. On the other hand, some people prefer to do this shooting alone with the photographer, away from other people's eyes!

Let yourself be guided

The advantage of doing a photo shoot with a professional is that you can rely on his know-how. Thus, let the photographer guide you to make a success of your photos. He will know quickly what makes you look good or not.

Let his voice guide you. He will talk to you about various subjects to relax you, and allow you to be as natural as possible in front of the camera. So, try to start a conversation while following his recommendations.

Reflect the company's mindset

A successful corporate portrait is above all a photo that reflects the state of mind of your company. So, whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee in a large structure, it is important to convey a message.

Indeed, if you make this photo to announce the launch of your startup, be engaging and motivated! If you are doing this shoot to announce a promotion, be proud of yourself and confident in the future. In short, put a message in your photo to make it meaningful!

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