How to decorate your electric fireplace for Christmas?

Do you know the English tradition of Christmas Stockings? These high shoes, generally enhanced with fur, are hung on the lintel of the fireplace. Contrary to what you might think, they are not only used to display Christmas gifts, but also to display little sweets and attentions, which the whole family discovers on December 25th. If you have an electric fireplace at home, then this article should be of interest to you, as we are very close to the end of the year celebrations. You will learn, how to decorate your electric fireplaceto welcome the spirit of Christmas.

Home made decoration for your electric fireplace

If you don't like the investments of socks If you're looking for a Christmas decoration for your electric fireplace, there are several other ideas. For starters, make a statement with a beautiful Christmas wreath made of holly berries. Because of its effectiveness, you can use its bright red color to dress up your fireplace properly. It is said that holly was popular because of its spiny green foliage, even in the middle of winter, symbolizing its resistance to the cold and the elements.

Now move on to the shelf of your home. We recommend a mix of the plant trend and light decor. Add pretty Christmas spikes in your houseplants, planted in the potting soil, as well as golden planters. Beware of dangerous plants, however, such as poinsettias.

Place pine cones on either side of your pots, and don't forget the candles. If they are fragrant, they will bring a cozy cottage atmosphere to your home. If you don't like candlelight, you can opt for LED candles.

A well decorated staircase for Christmas: an alternative to the fireplace

If you don't have a traditional or even an electric fireplace in your home, you should know that your home is full of places where you can hang your various decorative items. You have to admit, however, that it is much more charming when it comes to the electric fireplace, since it is what fits most into the Christmas story (Santa Claus coming through the chimney to drop the presents).

You don't have a traditional fireplace? No problem. You can always opt for the electronic version. The electric fireplace site offers a complete file on the subject of electric, wall and decorative fireplaces.

However, for those who want to keep it simple, you can opt for the decoration of the stairs. The latter, especially the banister, will be a wonderful support for garlands made of paper or tree branches. As for accessories, you can tie pretty ribbons in liberty fabric for the English side, or tartan if you prefer the Scottish people.

Give more volume to your staircase banister garland with red or green, or even gold baubles. To finish it all off, add micro-LED garlands that will light up at night and give a magical look to your simple staircase. Here are a lot of ideas to get you started in decorating your home with your fireplace.

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