How to drink tap water? Precautions to take!

Countless French people would like to drink tap water. However, most of them quickly give up this idea after asking their doctors' advice. This water is too rich in limestone, which makes it harmful to health. However, it is possible to get rid of these unwanted minerals by investing in a suitable filtration system.

Water "hardness": the source of many problems

As opposed to soft water, "hard" water contains an abnormally high level of calcium salts. This composition promotes plumbing problems. Over time, limescale will be deposited on the walls of the pipes. The scale will accumulate until it causes a drop in water pressure. Heat accelerates this phenomenon. This is why some equipment is particularly vulnerable to scaling. We will particularly mention the water heater, the washing machine and the electric coffee maker.

Water rich in calcium is unfit for consumption. Excess minerals will not be absorbed by the body. The regular absorption of an excessive quantity of calcium leads to the appearance of kidney stones. Most people are aware of these health risks and prefer to drink mineral water or look for a effective hard water solutionThe water is purified and the water is safe and drinkable.

Depending on the condition of the pipes, the water may also contain other impurities such as traces of heavy metals. To get rid of all unwanted substances, individuals can invest in an efficient filtration system. There are many varieties of these on the market. To make the right choice, interested parties should consider the following criteria.

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Points to consider when choosing a filtration system

Choosing a filtration system is particularly difficult because of the countless models on the market. Most people choose according to their budget. For example, many households turn to stand-alone filters. However, the performance of these accessories is limited and diminishes over time. To have delicious water to drink, it is better to invest in equipment to be installed at the main water supply pipe. In this way, the device will ensure its functions permanently and the pipes will be protected against scaling.

In this category, homeowners are still spoilt for choice. If the objective is to have softer water and therefore to eliminate limescale, softeners remain a safe bet. If you want to get rid of all the substances that are potentially dangerous for the healthIn this case, a potabilizer is the best choice.

When choosing this equipment, buyers should consider certain technical details. It will be necessary to purchase a device that provides a sufficient water flow. To find a suitable hard water solution, one can turn to specialized suppliers. They have their own websites where you can find out about all the devices on sale.

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