How to install a toilet seat?

The seat of your toilet is broken, and you have to replace it? Or do you simply want to replace your outdated toilet seat with a more modern one? Installing a toilet seat does not require a lot of plumbing knowledge. You don't need to call a professional! Just follow the steps below.

How to choose a new toilet seat?

In fact, a toilet seat is an accessory that is placed above the toilet bowl as part of the hygiene measures in our bathroom. Indeed, this element makes it possible to retain the dirt and the tasks caused by the flush. Comfortable and robust, a flap also gives a decorative aspect to our toilet. 

If you are planning to buy a new toilet seat, there are a few things you should consider, such as seat retention, strength, durability and ease of maintenance. As far as dimensions are concerned, make sure you choose a model that fits all toilets to avoid possible problems. 

In the stores, you will find a wide choice of lids offered in various patterns and colors. Some covers have additional options, for example, a fall brake for silent closing or to prevent breakage. There are also models that are padded with foam, equipped with a built-in child seat or with a built-in motion sensor that opens when someone approaches! There are also models that can be unclipped for easy cleaning of the cover with a sponge... It's up to you to choose what you like best!

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Installing a toilet seat does not require any plumbing skills. You can start installing this accessory which seems very simple and easy! 

The different steps to install a new toilet seat

Remove the old toilet seat 

Start by unscrewing the two nuts under the hinges on each side behind the bowl by hand. If you can't do this, use a wrench or a degreaser.

When finished, remove the nuts and washers and lift the assembly out of the way. Now you can clean the bowl and measure the two holes so you can choose a new seat to fit your toilet.

Make a blank assembly 

Before proceeding to the real assembly, make a simulation to understand the mechanism of assembly and to know immediately, if you have all the necessary elements for the installation of the new flap. Sit on a chair with the plan in front of you and a suitable work surface. This test will help you to solve any difficulties you may encounter during the installation. So, you could now find the right solutions rather than kneeling in front of the toilet!

Install the new toilet seat

Before placing the new toilet seat, check that there is no leakage from the toilet or the pipes connected to it. If this is the case, a water leakage search Paris 8 is necessary. It is better to ask for the help of a plumber to stop the water flow and repair the leak in a definitive way.

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If there are no more problems, then you can install the new toilet seat with ease: first insert the fixing rods into the holes in the bowl. Make sure that the fastener is placed over the holes and that the flap completely covers the inside of the bowl flange. If the new lid has stampsMake sure they do not touch the ceramic. Then screw the gaskets, washers and nuts from underneath, passing behind the bowl. Be careful! Do not tighten the nuts before checking the symmetry of the toilet bowl. 

Before taking action, take the time to read the installation instructions. If the operation seems complicated, contact a plumbing professional!

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