How do you fix a water leak yourself?

Some plumbing problems do not require a professional to solve. For example, water leaks are considered one of the plagues of homeowners and can occur in many places in the plumbing system.

If you experience a water leak somewhere in your home, you can fix it yourself. In fact, there are several repair solutions that vary depending on the matter. First, try to identify the origin and cause of your leak so that you can fix it quickly and efficiently.

Copper or PVC pipe leak: what are the main causes?

Water leaks are usually caused by an accident, impact, wear and tear or weakness of the pipes used. In the case of copper pipes, a solder joint can easily fail, even the pipes can deteriorate with time and age. 

In the case of PVC installations, it is the fastening joints that are responsible for water leaks. Indeed, a bad fixing of the joints can let water escape and lead to losses which could turn into water damage. In any case, it is possible to intervene to remedy the situation by your own means. If you are a good handyman, there is no need to call in a cheap plumber in Paris. You can intervene personally and repair the source of your water leak.

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How do you repair your water leak?

In case of a water leak at a fitting, you will need to tighten the ring using two wrenches. This is important to avoid distorting the fitting. If the water flow still persists, you will need to change the gasket. You can get everything you need from a DIY store or plumbing supply store. In case of a leak on a copper pipe, it is possible to apply an anti-leak product.

In fact, there are two types of products that are used to repair leaks in copper pipes: adhesive tape and two-component sealant. Both solutions are often characterized by their effectiveness and resistance. The sealant and the adhesive tape are suitable for all materials (PVC, copper, lead, etc.). 

If the water leak is caused by a burst pipe, then the damaged section must be replaced to stop the flow of water and restore the proper functioning of your pipes. If you don't have the means to do so, call a plumbing professional to take care of your water leak repair job right away.

Repairing a copper pipe leak with mastic

If you plan to repair your leaking copper pipe yourself, you will first need to turn off the water supply to your room or the general water supply to your home. Next, you will need to clean and prepare the surface. To do this, use a rag to dry the area to be repaired and then strip the pipe to an area slightly larger than the area where the leak is located. You can use fine steel wool, fine emery cloth or a fine wire brush. Once finished, you can proceed to apply the sealant. 

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Before handling the product, put on protective gloves and knead it between your fingers until you obtain a homogeneous paste. When ready, apply it in a bead or flattened just where the leak is located. Try spreading the sealant over a wider area and check its adhesion to the pipe. If the sealant lifts a little when you lift your fingers, moisten the gloves with water and press it back onto the leak area. When finished, let the repair dry thoroughly within the time frame mentioned on the package and finally turn the water back on to make sure no more water is leaking.

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