How to open a lock with a key inside

Like everyone, it happens that one day we forget the keys inside our homes without having a spare on us. This is a real headache, that's why we have written this article. 

Find out how to open a lock with a key inside.  

How do we proceed when we forget a key inside?  

Forgetting your keys at home is a very common occurrence that can happen to anyone on any given day. There are some traditional practices that allow you to open the door. But, be aware that if you overwork the lock, you can break it. That's why it's always best to call a locksmith who specializes in door openings. Here are the most common methods used before calling a locksmith locksmith.  

The best known is the X-ray method. Indeed, you can start by folding it in half, (make sure you don't need it anymore), and slide the folded part into the space between the door and the lock. Then you should move the x-ray up and in a horizontal axis until you reach the latch.  

As soon as you touch it, tilt the radio towards the exit (towards you) so that it is in front of the latch. From there, you should push strongly towards you and manipulate the lock handle.  

There are also other methods as traditional as the radio one, such as using a bank card, but you have to use a card that is no longer in use because it might get damaged. Here is what you can do. First, like the radio previously, you should insert it between the wall and the door, in the small space, and tilt it against the wall.  

Next, you should bend the card and push it backwards to move the lock on your lock, and back towards the door. And finally, stay in the same position while trying to slide the card down and gently leaning towards the wall.  

These are the best and most well-known methods. However, for this kind of case, you should always call a professional, experienced and trusted locksmith Paris 8.  

How do I call a locksmith?  

The locksmith is the expert craftsman of repairs and changes of locks as well as repairs of all blockages related to the door. If you forget your keys at home, and you are struggling to get by, you should directly call a locksmith Paris 8, who will be able to solve this problem in a very professional way.  

You can first call your home insurance company, which will guide you on the best solutions, and will be able to direct you to a locksmith near you, who can intervene at any time of the day.  

When you contact the locksmith, make sure you are not talking to a scammer. You can also go on the internet and look for his contact information or see other people's reviews. In fact, nowadays, almost every locksmith has a website where you can find everything.  

In addition, after any intervention of a craftsman, always ask for an estimate. You will find all the details on the cost of labor, the cost of the tools used and the cost of the lock, if ever he had to change it.  

In any case, never try to play the locksmith's apprentice because you will risk damaging your door even more. Instead, call a trusted locksmith.  

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