How to open an armored door thoroughly?

With the advent of the latest technology, there are several different methods for opening an armored door. As a result, you have the option of calling in an expert if you have a problem. Whether you use a bypass system or a pick system, it is possible to to open the armored door with a clock.

Hook system

Lock picking is a technique that allows the opening of a "thin" armored door. Ensures that the lock of the highly secure system is opened without destruction. Thanks to tools adapted to any type of opening, it is not possible to consider destroying your armored door. It guarantees a better level of comfort associated with an exceptional well-being. Regardless of the source and origin of the inconvenience to your armored door, this technique allows you to secure your freedom as quickly as possible. It is very effective in opening any locking system, including magnetic or electronic keys. The lock selection method guarantees the success of any operation.

BY-PASS system

The purpose of this technique is to to carry out the opening of an armoured door by exploiting the defects of the locking system. Therefore, your lock will not be dependent at all. The special feature of this method is that it is more suitable for opening slammed armored doors. All other locking systems can easily withstand this technique, unless they fail. This is a fairly effective and reliable solution. If the armored door of your apartment is inadvertently closed, the bypass is the best opening system.

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In order to get a flawless job, you should always ask for the help of an expert in the field. He is equipped with an X-ray beam and is able to open the armored door without destruction. He guides it between the door and the frame at the level of the lock by vibrating the door so that you can reach your home as soon as possible.

Credit card system

This opening system should only be used with the consent of the site owner. By choosing the largest and most flexible credit card, your professional assistant can easily open a locked security door. To do this, he must successfully insert the card into the vertical space between the door and the frame. Then, at an angle perpendicular to the door, he will have to insert the bank card as far as possible so that the closest side can almost touch the door's wrist. Now your lock will be easy to open by opening it quickly. Although this opening technique is very effective, it requires specific knowledge and many years of experience in the field.

Bump keying system

This technique involves using a key from an armored door lock model to create similar, deeper teeth. Then, when you tap on the head of the passkey inserted in the lock, the pins fall out of the mechanism to allow the key to germinate. Only locksmiths are able to perform this type of intervention effectively and carefully using this technique.


Some technical advice

It is necessary to know the difference between armored doors and armored doors. An armored door is a set composed of a door and leaf block and installed exclusively by a specialist in the field. Door armor, on the other hand, is the installation of a sheet of metal over an existing door. In any case, the level of security of your house will always be guaranteed, thanks to the door armor. It is therefore in your best interest to use and maintain your armored doors properly.

The use of armored doors is always necessary and safe. However, keep in mind that it can break down easily when its maintenance and use are not among your priorities. You should hire the services of a qualified locksmith as soon as possible. This will help avoid unpleasant surprises. The skills and expertise of the locksmith will facilitate your operation.

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