How do I repair a water leak at a fitting?

The water and wastewater systems of a house consist of pipes that are connected to each other by fittings. Over time, water leaks can occur at these connections due to natural wear and tear of the installation or poor workmanship of the sanitary circuit.

If this is the case for you, it is important to intervene quickly to stop the water flow. Otherwise, your home is at risk of being flooded with water, which could lead to further damage. Read on to find out how to repair a leak of water at a fitting.

Steps to repair a leaky fitting

If you are unable to locate the origin of the water leak, do not hesitate to ask for the help of a water leak expert: he is the only one able to locate efficiently where the leak comes from and to propose you the most adapted repair method to your situation.

However, if you are able to find the location of the leak, quickly shut off the water supply. This is necessary to stop the flow of water and to facilitate the repair work. Once finished, prepare the materials you will need such as: protective gloves, wrenches, a new gasket and a trap ring (if necessary). Be sure to follow these steps so that you can repair a leak at your connection.

In the event of a water leak caused by an incorrectly adjusted fitting

If the water leak is caused by an improperly tightened metal fitting, then have two wrenches: one to hold the male fitting, and one to tighten the female fitting. Be careful! Never attempt to tighten the fitting with only one wrench. You may deform the pipe and make the situation worse.

In case of leakage due to wear of the seal

If the water is still flowing after this manipulation, it is certainly a seal that is badly placed or worn. Then unscrew the ring of the siphon to check the position of the seal. If not, position it correctly in its usual place. If it is worn, replace it immediately with a new one and reassemble the siphon ring. Be sure to choose a compatible model to avoid possible leaks.

In case of a leak due to a damaged siphon ring

If the water leakage to be repaired comes from the siphon ring (PVC), take a look at it to check its condition. If it is damaged, check its condition. If it is damaged, change it for a model adapted to your installation in order to stop the water flow. Do not forget to tighten the valve with a wrench.

Ask for help from a plumber

If the flow of leaking water is important, in this case, it is highly recommended to contact a plumber or a professional in the repair of leaks and water heater troubleshooting to guarantee you a fast and efficient intervention.

Even if you manage to stop the water leak, your repair is temporary and simply allows you to use the water again until a competent plumber can intervene. The latter is able to diagnose your installation and propose a definitive repair either by soldering (in case of copper pipe) or by replacing the damaged parts (in case of PVC pipe).

Before any intervention at home, find out the price of this kind of intervention. Indeed, the calculation of an estimate for the repair of a water leak on a fitting depends on several elements such as: the professional hired, the complexity of the work, the duration of the repair, the distance between your home and the plumber's premises... Expect a budget between 200 and 500 euros to repair a water leak on a fitting.

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