How to shrink pants in the wash without damaging them?

After a diet, medium or long term sports exercises and in many other situations, clothes can become too big. Pants, which are among the most worn clothes, are a case in point. To solve the problem, it is possible to shrink pants in the wash without damaging them. Cleaning at room temperature is often effective and inexpensive. To maintain the condition of the pants to be adjusted without deteriorating it, the laundry must respect a particular attention. Cotton, denim or silk, discover some methods and techniques to tighten your pants without damaging them.

Denim or cotton pants

To shrink pants in the wash, choose a warm temperature for the laundry. During its manufacture, the fabric is continuously contracted and smoothed. In contact with heat, it will soften and thus cause the transformation of the fibers.

Heating produces a powerful effect when combined with water and certain gestures. This combination decreases the tension in the denim and cotton fabrics and thus modifies it. The longer the pants will be maintained in these conditions, the more likely it is to have a satisfactory result.

Choose an isolated place for drying. It is desirable that the pants are not exposed to the air. This will quickly cool them down and produce a negative result. Denim or cotton textiles need more heat to shrink. Therefore, the pants must be dried at a high temperature. And, just like hot water, hot air will help adjust it. Use a long drying cycle to allow the fibers to shrink from the heat.

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drying a pair of pants without shrinking them

Woolen pants

Wool fabric is very delicate and requires special care. Made from animal hair, wool fibers are a collection of small scales. When they are exposed to heat, they cling to each other and become entangled. As a result, the pants will shrink. In the case of fragile fabrics such as wool, a short cycle is more than enough to prevent the material from shrinking. 

Then dry the pants on low heat. Movement is just as important as heat in turning your pants into wool. Use a low temperature so as not to damage your fabric during the movements in the dryer.

Finally, watch the pants. Consistency in the transformation of the pants is not easy to achieve for this kind of clothing. Keep a regular eye on the condition of the pants so you can react when you make a mistake. If by mistake a mistake occurs, you can still add water and dip the pants. Half an hour is all it takes to remove them. Use the towel wrapped around the pants to dry them.

Silk pants

It is important to protect the fabric when shrinking silk pants. If the machine at your disposal opens upwards, a fishnet bag is perfect to cover the fabric. Unlike the others, these types of machines have a cover that opens upwards. They also have an agitator that spins the garment. This means that you risk damaging the pants if you are not careful.

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Then wash the pants on a short cycle. Silk needs a gentle application of heat. It belongs to the category of fragile textiles for which special care is required. Most machines have a low temperature program perfect for silk fabrics. However, using chlorine bleach can damage the pants. Check from time to time and remove it in the middle of the cycle.

Let the pants air dry. Unlike other delicate textiles, silk retains its shape and does not stretch. However, silk pants may fade if exposed to sunlight. Avoid using a wooden dryer to avoid dye residue. 

Wait until your pants are dry before putting them in the dryer and choose a program without heat. On the other hand if the machine has it, put the program of drying for silk. Make a frequent assistance not to damage it. To be efficient, you can use a timer.  

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