How to change a bicycle inner tube?

Bicycles are both environmentally friendly and healthy, and they are being used more and more every day, especially by city dwellers. Since January 2020, 29 % of new users have taken to bike paths in France. This trend has increased with the health crisis.

For these new enthusiasts and others, Laurent Belando and Louise Roussel have released a very useful guide: Vélos Pratiques - Equipez, Entretiensez, Réparez - Rendez Votre Vélo Autonome, published by Tana.

A rather playful and educational book with photo tutorials to learn more about your bike, how to maintain and repair it. Here is an excerpt of the (very simple) learning of how to change an inner tube.

How to do it?

The quickest and easiest way to repair a flat tire is to replace the punctured tube. However, before installing a new tube, carefully inspect the inside of the tire for sharp debris (glass, sharp rocks, nails, etc.). Once you find the location of the puncture, you can more easily determine whether the tire is in good condition or not.

To perform the change, you will need an inner tube of the same size as your tire and a pump. Ideally you also have a plastic tire iron.


Before you begin step 1, you will remove the flat tire from your bike. Remove the tube from the tire. At this point you can check the condition of your tire and completely remove the tube through the valve.

Step 1:

Install one side of the tire to the bottom of the rim. This is usually not difficult to do, but if you have trouble, use the same method as for the second side of the tire.

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Inflate the tube slightly to make it easier to install and prevent it from getting stuck between the tire and the rim during mounting.

Now line up the tire mark with the valve hole to find it faster.

Step Two:

Insert the valve into the valve hole and slide the tube into the tire. The valve should be straight. Slide your finger inside the tire to help the tube fit into the cavity between the tire and the inside of the rim.

Step Three:

Install the tire into the rim using both hands, starting on one side of the valve and working from both sides of the valve to the other side.

If that doesn't do the trick, maneuver the tire to make sure it's seated at the deepest point of the rim.

Step Four:

The tubes and tires are in place. Make sure the tire does not pinch the tube. You can now reinflate.

Once reinflated, you can put your wheel back on your bike by having to fix it properly.

Note: If you are using disc brakes, you should never pull your brake trigger. Pulling the trigger moves the brake pads and if there is no wheel, you can lose them.


Now you know how to change the punctured tube on your bike. You can ride with peace of mind without fear of a bad puncture.

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