Importance of training and raising the awareness of its employees about gdr

The general regulation on the processing of personal data (RGPD) is now part of the Union law European Union. The National Commission on Informatics ensures the application of the data protection rules of all persons on the territory of Europe. The TPE and the SME have a great advantage to be in full compliance with the regulation. 

The implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation 

A general regulation on the processing of personal data

The RGPD went into effect in 2019. This new regulation, which means that companies that make violations of the law on data processing and liberties risk a fine, while managers face penalties of criminal convictions.

The persons concerned for an rgpd awareness training 

As we can see on the mydposolution website rgpd awareness training is not only for the DPO or Data Protection Officer. The latter is considered as the specialist of the security of the data collected by the company, VSE or SME. Any person whose role is to identify the data of customers or employees, and everyone who processes the data is subject to the obligation of protection. 

Protection of users' privacy 

Now, the privacy policy of users must be at the center of the data collection strategy for all SMEs and VSEs, which have representatives on the European territory. The legal basis of the regulation concerns the security of the personal information of the customers who trust you, according to the data-processing law and freedom. 

The benefits of an rgpd awareness training 

Putting forward a privacy policy

A rgpd awareness training allows you to put forward a data protection policy for the customers you have. This is especially important for e-businesses and sites that sell online. The measurement compliance being a legal obligation, this assures buyers that their personal data, such as bank codes, will not be disclosed, used or sold to third parties. 

The security of your company's sensitive data

Non-compliance or violation of the regulation is not to be taken on the sole legal basis, i.e. compliance just for the fear of the penalty. Indeed, your VSE or SME risks a lot if it is not in regulatory compliance. The legitimate interest of this data protection law is also to secure the management of internal data. 

Earning the trust of employees and customers 

The contractors and subcontractors, service providers ... Companies today only want to work with people who care about so-called "data protection" on a large scale. You have a better chance of securing partnerships and attracting customers if you can demonstrate your personal data processing system

How to apply the implementation of the regulation 

The census of processed data

All the VSEs and SMEs must have a register listing all information processed within the company. All activities requiring the collection and processing of personal data must be identified: 

  • Pay slip
  • Recruiting
  • Sales statistics
  • ...

It is necessary to put in the register to count the data: the purpose of the data processingThe data collected is kept for a period of time and the persons who have access to it. 

Sorting the collected data 

The European regulation advises an organizational strategy for data management. Unnecessary information should be removed, as it not only takes up space in storage, but also takes time in collection and processing. 

Protection of the privacy of the persons concerned 

The privacy protection of the persons concerned by your company is the main reason for the implementation of the European regulation and the law on data processing and liberties. The collection of data must not have a commercial purpose, i.e. you are not allowed to resell personal information to other companies. 

Securing personal data 

For bring into compliance providers and employees, as well as subcontractors, every entity your company works with must have a clear understanding of the maximum security of all collected data (biometric, genetic, ...) on users whose respect for privacy is at stake. 

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