When should we renovate our frame?

The framework is a key component of the roof. As the roof's skeleton, all its components rest on it. We're often told that it's important to maintain the roof of our home. In fact, we regularly carry out cleaning operations. The roof structure also deserves our attention. It's not indifferent to the vagaries of weather and time. In fact, its condition can deteriorate rapidly if not maintained. Sometimes, renovation is required to restore its solidity. Let's take a look at the cases in which renovation is necessary. Find out more!  

How necessary is the renovation of the frame?

To begin with, it should be noted that the renovation of the frame can be either partial or total. In all cases, a thorough diagnosis of the structure will allow us to measure the extent of the damage and the scope of the work.

In principle, the renovation of the frame is unavoidable in the face of aging wood. The alteration of the latter is mainly caused by the infiltration of moisture, xylophagous insects and wood-eating fungi.

On the other hand, work can be undertaken to solve a specific problem. It is necessary if the appearance of the dwelling or its architectural style is changed. This is mainly the result of work aimed at converting the attic or raising the roof.

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Moreover, professionals recommend renovating the frame every 20 to 30 years. To obtain a resistant and solid work, it is advised to entrust the various operations to a craftsman roofer carpenter as on this site: https://www.couvreur-charpentier-gironde.fr/ who is qualified in this field.

Focus on the different problems that can affect a frame

The diagnosis of this structure can reveal problems of various kinds. Among other things, it can reveal:

- Wear and tear and aging of wood

As the years go by, the frame of our home becomes more fragile, and there are reasons for this. Temperature variations as well as humidity favour their degradation. If traces of wear and tear or aging of the wood are noted, it will be necessary to replace the defective parts.

- Traces of moisture

Roofing is constantly subject to the elements. A strong wind or a storm can move the roofing materials. Defects in the roof covering and lack of insulation are also factors in the infiltration of rainwater. This is detrimental to the wood frame. In such situations, the water-soaked insulation must be removed and the roof covering must be replaced. Again, replacement of defective parts of the frame is required. Of course, the services of a carpenter are essential.

- The presence of insect pests

A specific treatment is applied to the wooden frame before its assembly. It allows to keep away the xylophagous insects. However, its effects diminish with time. This is when insect pests begin to burrow into the frame to deposit their larvae. These pests feed on wood. This is why they must be eradicated. To eliminate capricorns, beetles and termites in your frame, it is recommended to call a craftsman roofer carpenter.

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Nota bene: The nature of the work to be done will dictate the cost of the frame renovation. This will also depend on the condition of the structure, the number of defective parts to be replaced, the nature of the treatment to be performed and the complexity of the operations. As an indication, it will be necessary to plan on average between 40 € and 60 HT per hour for this type of service. To get a clear idea of the price of your work, ask a carpenter to draw up an estimate.

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