When is a dog harness necessary?

When you decide to take your dog for a walk, you have two types of accessories at your disposal; a harness or a collar. People are used to using a collar. However, a harness is much more comfortable. He won't have to torture himself during his weak moments. You may wonder what it is. Dogs are naturally inclined to chase anything that moves. A harness allows you to restrain him comfortably without the risk of strangling him, whereas a collar is the opposite. But, whatever your choice, the objective is the same, it is to ensure the safety of your pet.

Advantages of the dog harness

All the advantages of using a harness rather than a collar are in the structure of the accessory itself. A harness is well laid out and well fitted. On unpredictably violent blows, the dog will not risk injury, because all the weight will be distributed on the front part of the dog when the leash is tightened. Contrary to the collar which will crush his neck at the risk of hurting him. Have use of a dog harness may not be your habit, but it's ideal for a dog, especially if he's large and likes to run around.

During your walks, the harness will ensure a more pleasant trip for both your pet and you. Moreover, there is always that moment when you have to restrain him when he pulls on his leash. With a harness, it is also easier to restrain him because the whole front of the dog is immobilized. His strength will be reduced by half.

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This accessory also allows you to redirect your dog during your walks. You will be in control of your decisions and avoid the dog to do as he pleases. There will be no torture when you pull on the leash to redirect the animal unlike with a collar.

A harness is also essential for the education of your dog, especially for walking. The assimilation of commands will be faster and more efficient with this accessory.

Harness Buying Guide

This is an accessory that deserves your full attention. Indeed, if you like to walk with your dog, then you should choose a good quality harness. There is a reason why some stores sell them much more expensive and others less. It's all about the quality of the product. You may have noticed that there are harnesses with only one attachment point. You should know that this is not really ideal, because this model can cause back problems for the dog.

Opt more for harnesses that properly cover the back of your fur ball. If you know your dog well, you won't have trouble choosing the right size. If you choose a harness that doesn't really fit your dog, it could hurt him and your walks won't be as pleasant as you'd hoped. You should also be aware that there are harnesses that are designed solely for sporting activities. A simple harness could quickly deteriorate. It's like the shoe you wear to every event.

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