What is a unicorn kigurumi for children?

Nowadays, clothes represent the reflection of the soul. Indeed, young and old tend to dress in a way that expresses their feelings, emotions and the things they like, through their clothes. For children, their pajamas often represent the means by which they can resemble their cartoon heroes, as well as their favorite animals whether they are real or fictional. Faced with this, it is important to let them choose them according to their taste. This favors their capacity of expression as well as their creativity. Among the most trendy children's pajamas of the moment, we find the kigurumi. It should be noted that it comes in different models paying tribute to certain festivities, cartoons or specific cultures. However, many children express their preference for a magical animal that is the unicorn. In this article, you will find all the characteristics of a kigurumi unicorn for children, as well as its many advantages.

The unicorn kigurumi for children

the Kigurumi unicorn : pyjamas for childrenMany people do not know what a unicorn kigurumi is. Because many people call it animal pajamas instead of its real name. Indeed, kigurumi, in a general way, are clothes in human size plushwhich can be put on. The concept itself comes from Japan. Indeed, the first commercialization of this type of clothing was set up during the 1990s, by the Japanese company SAZAC. The first models released were an immediate hit with the population and many residents. Indeed, the kigurumi in the form of a unicorn was particularly well received, so much so that even adults requested a production adequate to their size. In view of this, this garment is now part of the Harajuku and Shibuya cultures. These are a way of life that defies the rules imposed by society. Therefore, the wearing of unicorn kigurumi was even done outside the houses. And, widely affected the street trend of the time.

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However, it should be noted that it took a long time to arrive in Western countries. It is only since the year 2000 that these costumes have made their entrance. But, they were mainly dedicated to children under 15 years.

The popularity of unicorn kigurumi

The evolution of the unicorn kigurumi trend was not quick. Indeed, as explained above, its arrival in Europe was delayed for more than a decade. Faced with this, when it arrived, the unicorn kigurumi was first used as a disguise. It was possible to find it in all costume stores for all ages. It was worn for Halloween, as well as during Christmas. But, following the development of textiles used, children started to wear it to sleep. Indeed, in view of its softness, and its practicality, it has become the pajamas par excellence.

To conclude, the kigurumi, in general, and in the shape of a unicorn in particular, has been able to become known all over the world during the year 2014 - 2015.

Characteristics of the unicorn kigurumi

First of all, a unicorn kigurumi is a clothing that will allow your child to to be in the skin of one of the fantastic animals the most appreciated. Indeed, the unicorn has often attracted the attention and creativity of children.

A unicorn Kigurumi : pyjamas for childrenIn addition, it is also a type of combination that will protect your child from the cold. Therefore, if your child tends to be without blankets during the winter, his best ally will be the unicorn kigurumi. You should know that there are also models designed to be baths exits. And, since it will cover your child from head to toe, no more risk of getting sick in winter, when you get out of the shower.

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Then, the characteristic which is also very appreciated by the unicorn kigurumi is its comfortable side. Indeed, when we wear it, we often have the impression to wrap ourselves in a soft and floating cloud. What makes the quality of the sleep relatively better. This last can thus be integrated into the natural tips to get back to sleep. Add to that the fact that it is usually loose fitting, which allows for great freedom of movement.

Finally, a unicorn kigurumi is also synonymous with originality. Indeed, when worn, it will give your child the feeling of having a great look. It generally allows to develop its imagination. And, the creation of scenario, where its role of unicorn will be of the most important.

Buy a unicorn kigurumi for children

In general, when you choose to buy a unicorn kigurumi for your child, it is recommended to go for on the internet. Indeed, this will allow you to save time. But also to benefit from an extremely varied choice.

In addition, if you are not a fan of online shopping, it is possible to find them in pyjama department for children. Or in costume stores.

In short, you can get it from :

  • e-shop
  • Supermarket
  • Disguise store
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