How to make good home fries

Whether you're a die-hard French fry fan or one of those who rarely allow themselves the pleasure of eating fries, we all share the same desire: that they be really good! However, few restaurants offer real home fries, good and crispy. So, to rediscover the authentic taste of your childhood and share these salty treats with friends or family, take the plunge and dive in your own home fries in oil! By cooking your own fries, you'll get a delicious crust and chewy flesh. To do this, we'll tell you the 3 secrets that make the difference between a good home fries and a bad one. Then, we will guide you through our complete recipe for home fries. You will be able to enjoy golden brown potatoesOur tasty, healthy ingredients will hopefully make you feel full and guilt-free.

The 3 secrets to making good home fries

1. Choosing the right potato

For pro quality at home, the choice of ingredients remains an essential step. A floury flesh offers an interesting starch content. It is important to know that starch is the source of the crispy exterior and tender interior that characterizes good fries. The starch forms a sort of crust around each fry, which prevents the oil from penetrating the interior during cooking. Your French fries will be best with American or Belgian potatoes, such as the Russet potato and the Bintje variety.

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2. Rinse and dry them

After carefully peeling and cutting them, a cold water bath followed by a drying time will prevent your fries from sticking together during cooking. It is necessary to count, at least 20 minutes of soaking in water before drying your fries. The explanation lies in the fact that the water/starch mixture contained in the fries becomes sticky with heat and therefore requires at least 20 minutes before putting the raw fries to dry on a baking sheet, between two clean cloths or two sheets of paper towel. Do not hesitate to change the water. You can also leave them in the water overnight in the fridge, depending on your organization, but remember to allow for complete drying.

3. Fry them 2 times

Cooking is another crucial step in the success of your home fries. We recommend rapeseed oil for its nutritional qualities: it offers fatty acids rich in Omega 3 and 6. This part of the recipe is done in two steps. The fries are first pre-cooked at 150°C and taken out of the oil to be drained, then they are plunged a second time into the oil to be browned at 200°C. Wait until the oil is hot before dipping your slices. Each time you take your fries out, drain the excess oil by placing them on a paper towel. The first phase of cooking can be done 24 hours in advance, but the second phase must be done just before eating. In order to be able to serve the fries hot and enjoy their crunchiness and flavor.

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The recipe

Homemade fries take about 20 minutes to prepare, 2 hours if possible and 30 minutes to cook. Start by peeling your potatoes: it is good French taste to leave their skins on for an appetizing golden colour. Cut disks vertically, then cut sticks from each. The uniformity of the fries facilitates a homogeneous frying. Remember to soak them well and dry them thoroughly. Once the oil is at the right temperature, cook each package for 4 to 5 minutes. Using a drainer, grab your pre-cooked fries and place them on paper towels. A second, hotter oil bath will finish browning them. Remember to salt them as soon as you remove them from the oil.

Enjoy your meal!

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