How to make your own beer?

The approach of the summer season is often synonymous with fun, time with friends and parties. And with that in mind, beer has always been a staple to accompany you on your many adventures. However, their packaging green cans or bottles is often unsightly. Faced with this, it is possible to opt for another format. To do this, we suggest you make your own beer. It may seem unthinkable, but think again, it's not that long a process. In this guide, you will learn the process to follow to make your own craft beer.

The necessary equipment to make your own craft beer

Among the 70 things to do on the weekendOne example is making a home brew. You will need three tanks for :

  • Mashing and brewing;
  • Boil the water to wash the grain;
  • Boil the drink.

Then, to wash the spent grain, it will be essential to have a couscous machine or a food strainer. Finally, you will need three other materials:

  • The grain mill;
  • Burner;
  • A barrel for fermentation.

Once all of these have been collected, it will be essential to ensure that it is well cleaned and sterilized, because if it is unsanitary, the taste of the drink may be affected. Add to this, that the choice of material for these is essential. In view of this, it is recommended to choose stainless steel to avoid any interaction with stone and aluminum is to be excluded in this case.

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The essential ingredients to make your own craft beer

The essential ingredients to make your own craft beerThere are many recipes for making beer. However, four ingredients are constantly present. The first ingredient is water. It is necessary to know, that on average, the realization of 1 L of beer requires 5.5 L of water. Then, the second element is the hop which is the vegetable that brings a bitter taste to the beer. After that, you will have to think about buying sprouted barley to make your malt thanks to its boiling. Finally, a beer needs to be fermented. To do this, you will need yeast. In addition, it is possible to customize the taste of your beer with the addition of other ingredients, such as :

  • Glucose;
  • Corn;
  • Sucrose;
  • Oats.

The process of making your own craft beer

If you Consider leaving your job To specialize in craft beer, it will be essential to know the 5 steps that make up the process of making a craft beer:


For the first step, you will need to prepare your water. The water must be free of all traces of bacteria. To do this, it is recommended to store the water in a container for a day to get rid of the chlorine. Once this is done, make heating water and add the crushed malt. You will then obtain tiny molecules of sugars. These are quickly assimilated by the yeasts.

Once the mashing is finished, the bottom of the vat will be made up of a wort that needs to be stirred over the grains. Continue this step until a light color is obtained for the malt. This last one will have to be then put in a kettle and the sugar must be extracted from the water, splashing over the seeds.

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The boil

With the appropriate tank, the must must be boiled for 60 minutes to achieve this and stop the activity of the enzymes. During this time, it is possible toincorporate hops. This is what will give the beer flavor and bitterness.

The inoculation

It is necessary to let the must cool down and bring oxygen to it. This favors the yeast multiplication and rapid digestion of nutrients such as fermented sugar. This is also where the production of carbon dioxide, alcohol, flavors, etc., takes place. In other words, beer is formed.


The process of making your own craft beerThe result obtained previously should be left to rest for a maximum of one week. The fermentation time will have to be set according to the desired density level, as well as its Ph and temperature.


It is during this stage that your beer is refined and cooled. To do this, it will be necessary to purify it of any trace of it left by the yeast. To do this, use the third tank. Once it is saturated, transfer it to the a barrel to be able to enjoy it.

Tips for optimizing your craft beer

Once you have finished preparing your craft beerYou can put it in bottles, but it is essential that they are dry and disinfected. Then, during the siphoning, you will have to make sure that the tubes are well sealed. You can eventually cover them. Finally, the addition of honey will allow to carbonate it. To do this, each 12 cl of water should have three tablespoons of honey. To conclude, it is possible to participate in workshops to learn how to make your own craft beer with professionals.

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