Motorization of a gate: the advantages

More and more households are seduced by motorized gates, and have been for several years. You have two options before you: either motorize the gate you already have, or replace it with a motorized gate. In both cases, the costs will be considerable and you will have to think carefully to ensure that the motorization system is adapted to the configuration of your home. If you are not yet convinced of motorized gates, we invite you to continue reading to discover the advantages.

For optimal comfort

When your gate was not yet motorized, you had to get out of the car to open and close it when you entered or left. This is not very convenient if it rains. With a motorized gate, you won't have to go anywhere to open it. Even when you have guests, you can open the gate from your sofa. This motorized gate will bring you more comfort in your home.

For a higher level of security

No one is immune to theft and assault. It can happen that when you get out of your car to open your gate, someone can discreetly take your computer from the back seat of the car or when you enter your car late at night, someone can discreetly enter your home. With a motorized gate, you don't have to get out of your car, which will make you safer if you come home late. Once your car is inside, the gate will close directly. It should also be noted that motorizing a gate will increase its resistance to intrusion attempts.


For a long door

Manual opening and closing wears out the gates a lot and also when we are in a hurry, we often tend to force the gate a little. The motorization will limit the blows it will receive and no matter how much you are in a hurry, you will have to wait for the opening and closing. A motorized gate can also be able to detect obstacles when opening or closing. Thus, your gate will be more resistant to time and you can expect to have it for many years.

For a more valuable housing.

If you take a motorized gate block, it is sure that you will improve the aesthetic appearance of your home. In case you want to keep the wooden gate you have, it is also possible to motorize it. In both cases, if you want to resell your house, this motorized gate will be an asset and can be presented as an argument when negotiating the selling price.

The different types of motorization

For a swinging gate, you can opt for the motorization with articulated arms or for the motorization with cylinders which is equipped with folding arms. To motorize your swinging gate, you can also choose the wheeled system which is the cheapest on the market. To have the underground motorization, you will have to prepare a more consequent budget and it is suitable only for new swing gates. These systems are not suitable for sliding gates. For these, you will have to install a motorization on a rail. The latter will not be very aesthetic, but if you want to give priority to this side, you should take a self-supporting sliding gate.

  How to fix in concrete?

It is important to remember that this motorization system runs on energy. So you should already be prepared for your next electricity bill. You can opt for a solar motorization system so that your automatic gate does not weigh heavily on your energy expenses.

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