What are the best vacuum models from Dyson?

In order to maintain a house, its owner needs several appliances as well as cleaning products. Indeed, cleaning can sometimes be exhausting when you are not well equipped. It is why buy a vacuum cleaner for your home is essential. It allows you to get rid of dust in record time, and in all parts of your home. However, the offer is quite large. Indeed, when you go to buy one, you will quickly notice that there are thousands of brands with very different models. Among the pioneer vacuum cleaner manufacturersDyson is one of them. Since its appearance, it has never stopped innovating to meet and adapt to the needs of its customers. Of British origin, you will be able to find several models of Dyson vacuum cleaner. In this article, we propose you to discover the parameters of evaluation to apply to choose your device effectively, and we reveal you the opinion of the editorial staff concerning the best models at Dyson, according to their range.

Dyson vacuum cleaner evaluation parameters

In order to make sure you choose a Dyson vacuum cleaner, there are a number of criteria you need to consider. Firstly, consider the dust ejector. When optimized, your vacuum cleaner not only needs no maintenance and cleaning. In addition to that, the device works in a more innovative and hygienic way, since it consists of a collar mainly made of silicone that is directly connected with a dust bag. In this way, the dirt is directly transferred to it.

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Then, the second evaluation parameter is its ability to remove hairespecially if you own a pet. Generally speaking, animal fur is usually the most compelling reason for a pet owner to purchase a vacuum cleaner. If this is your case, it is advisable to go directly to the category of Dyson vacuum cleaners designed for this purpose. These are usually designed with a turbine that has no tangles. Thanks to their discs that rotate on two different axes, the hair and hairs are attracted, held and sucked up more easily, and the absence of tangles means you avoid the risk of clogging the vacuum and reducing power.

Dyson vacuum cleaner evaluation parametersAfter that, the next criterion concerns surfaces that it is capable of cleaning. In fact, if hair is not a major concern, Dyson multi-surface vacuums are the way to go. Thanks to their versatility, you'll be able to clean :

  • Tiles;
  • Wood;
  • Carpets;
  • The laminate.

In general, these types of Dyson vacuums are powerful and they come with different tips, to be changed depending on the surface to be cleaned. You should also pay attention to its suction capacityThis is the factor that will determine its design, its weight and the number of times it needs to be emptied. You should know that the majority of the vacuum cleaners of this brand have an average capacity of 0.5 to 2 liters. It is important to know that the largest capacities are available in the wired models. As for the non-corded models, their capacity is certainly lower, but they are easier to carry. However, it is essential to check the autonomy of their battery.

Finally, the last criteria to be taken into account will be the level of noise pollution and their weight. These may seem secondary to you, but they are really important in the long run, as they can become real obstacles during use.

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Reviews of Dyson entry-level vacuums

The particularity of the Dyson brand is its adaptability to all budgets. Therefore, for small budgets of less than 400 euros, several modes can suit you. Among the most popular, we find the model Cinetic Big Ball 2. It allows to come to end hairs thanks to its power of 700 W.

Dyson mid-range vacuum reviews

For people with a budget between 450 and 700 euros, two models have caught our attention. The first one is the Omni Glide plus which allows to reach the most difficult surfaces. In addition, its battery can last up to 20 minutes.

For the second choice, we suggest the model V15 which is equipped with a very innovative technology. Indeed, thanks to its laser, it can locate the dust, and it has a battery that can last up to an hour. In addition to allowing a speed of 125 thousand rpm.

Reviews of Dyson premium vacuums

If your budget allows, the top of the line Dyson promises unparalleled efficiency. However, it will be essential to plan a fairly substantial budget. Among the most popular models are the 360 Heurist which is more of a robot than a vacuum cleaner. With a navigation system, this model will move by itself to clean your floor. It is even more appreciated thanks to the possibility to control it remotely thanks to an application to download on your smartphone.

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