Parcoursup: registration launched for high school students and students undergoing reorientation

Building the future todayFor young high school and university students looking for a change of direction! The gates of higher education are open to you this year! wednesday, january 17with the start of the period for formulating your wishes on Parcoursup. It's time to plan, dream big and, above all, take action to shape your academic path for tomorrow. So get ready to seize your dreams with a digital pen on the web of opportunity!

What you need to declare

Dear inquisitive young minds, it's time to shape your future by indicating your study plans for the school year. 2024-2025. Browsing on parcoursup.gouv.fryou're faced with a palette of 23,000 training courses recognized by the State. From bachelor's degrees, BTS and BUT, to classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles, engineering schools, business schools, IEP, nursing courses and even preparatory courses for the teaching profession. A whole world of knowledge just a click away!

How do you formulate your wishes?

Like a jigsaw puzzle, each piece has to find its place. You need to log in, create your candidate file and formulate up to 10 wishes for all kinds of courses, in no particular order of preference. Parcoursup, like a faithful messenger, will pass on your aspirations to the courses that catch your eye.

Dates to remember

The race against the clock starts this afternoon! You have until March 14 to register your brand in the Parcoursup ledger. Not a minute to lose!

The calendar to follow

Tick-tock, the countdown is on! Until March 14 to formulate your wishes, and until April 3 to finalize them. After that, the higher education community will take a close look at your applications. Keep in mind the May 30That's when the answers start coming in, opening the door to admissions.

If you receive no response...

Fear not! The complementary phase is open to you from June 11. You will then be able to reformulate your wishes and benefit from guidance to find your path.

If you don't have any ideas...

Don't panic! Your main teacher, the psychologist of the French Ministry of Education or the will be your lanterns in the darkness of indecision.

New this year

There's no shortage of innovations! You can add favorite training coursesbenefit from reminders for open daysuse a comparator to compare training courses, and consult the calendar the major stages of Parcoursup.

Getting help

Any questions? Visit 0 800 400 700 is there for you. The "contact" messaging system on the site, as well as the Facebook and Instagram social networks, are ready to assist you.

Create your candidate file is the first step. You have until March 14 to express your wishes. Then click here, finalize and submit your Parcoursup application before the April 3. Only then can you dream of the answers that will fall from the digital sky from the May 30.

Answer to each proposal within the deadlines indicated, with the exception of the June 16 to 23period reserved for your exams. Visit main admission phase will end on July 12. Register at to the school of your choice following the results of the baccalauréat, announced on July 8.

The complementary phase will give a second chance to the undecided or less fortunate, from the June 11. If the need arises, the commission for access to higher education (CAES) will be reaching out to you from July 4.

Conclusion: set course for the start of the 2024 school year!

So, dear future baccalaureate holders and students in search of a new direction, you now have all the information you need. cards in hand to navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of Parcoursup. Get organized, be curious, dare to ask for help and above all, believe in your choices. May the path to higher education be a rewarding journey filled with learning! 🚀



What steps must high school students take on Parcoursup?

High school students must register on the Parcoursup platform and formulate their training wishes for the 2024-2025 school year. They have access to a wide range of 23,000 state-recognized training courses, including bachelor's degrees, BTS, BUT, preparatory classes, engineering schools, nursing training and many others.

How can high school students express their wishes on Parcoursup?

High school students must create their personal file on Parcoursup and can then formulate up to 10 wishes, as well as 10 additional wishes for apprenticeships. These wishes do not have to be ranked in order of preference, and will be forwarded to the relevant institutions via the platform.

What is the timetable for registering on Parcoursup?

The application period begins on January 17 and runs until March 14. Students must then finalize and confirm their wishes by April 3. Applicants will receive their answers from May 30 onwards.

What options are available if a student doesn't receive a favorable offer?

If a student does not receive an offer, he or she can take part in the complementary phase, which starts on June 11, to apply for courses that still have places available. They can also request personalized support to help them find a course suited to their plans.

What new features has Parcoursup introduced this year to make it easier for applicants to apply?

Parcoursup has implemented a number of new features to help applicants with their guidance, such as the ability to add courses to favorites, receive reminders for open days, use a course comparator and consult an interactive calendar to follow the key stages of the process.

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