Presentation by Kevin Rivaton, President and Founder of Christal Credit

The sparkling blue eyes of Kevin Rivaton is well known in the business world. In addition to his status as founding president of the Cristal Credit Group, he is also the president of the Club Pays Entreprises. He has been at the head of this professional network since 2017, following an election in which all members gave him their vote.

The beginnings of Rivaton

After graduating from university to become a lawyer, the future strongman of Cristal Credit worked for an institution specializing in bank collections. In the mid-90s, he decided to create the predecessor of Cristal Credit, AC.REF. The group operates in the field of credit reporting and business intelligence. The success of this group is due to its long experience during its establishment in the United States. This exodus allowed it to collaborate with experts of different nationalities.

Cristal Credit's presence on the international scene

Ambitious, he has worked hard to allow the companies gathered in the Cristal Credit Group to have a significant presence in different countries spread over 4 continents. To this end, many Latin American countries have benefited from the advice of Kevin Rivaton.

Through its group, L'intéressé is a global reference for companies that want to make their development strategy effective. To this end, the group makes its services and expertise available to them. Thanks to his reputation, the manager has been able to seduce many players in his sector of activity. These include public-private investors, renowned lawyers and various financial institutions. It is not surprising that he has succeeded in integrating his group into one of the most reputable organizations professionals of the old continent's credit bureaus, namely FEBIS.

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Cristal Credit's services

In order to meet the needs of his customers, the president and founder of the group provides them with a whole range of services. Faced with the various attacks against his person and his group, the leader was keen to reassure public opinion. During his last speech, he specified that he is not an expert in espionage and even less the group he leads. Any action taken by his company respects the legislation of each country where it is established. He defends that his company offers information through various documents. These are supplemented by information obtained from their sources whose identity is kept secret.

Rivaton's desire to further develop his group

Kevin Rivaton works with only a few collaborators, as it prioritizes the quality and know-how of its staff over large numbers of subordinates who are not necessarily competent. Its staff is composed, among others, of multilingual former bankers or finance inspectors who master their field of activity. Established in many European countries including France, and in America, Rivaton has the ambition to attack the market of the African continent. This is in order to make its group prosper all over the world as well as to be a key player in the sector of economic intelligence and financial investigation.

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