Reduce noise pollution in a house with an acoustic curtain

Installing acoustic curtains can improve the comfort of the occupants of a house but also to overcome all types of noise pollution. In addition to ensuring a suitable acoustic treatment, it is also a device that can serve as blackout curtains. Indeed, the acoustic curtain absorbs external noise while screening natural light. What are the characteristics of an acoustic curtain and how to choose?

The value of using an acoustic curtain

Treating noise with an acoustic curtain is essential to ensure better sound insulation. Indeed, noise pollution can cause fatigue or loss of intelligibility. In addition to stopping external noise, the acoustic curtains can also to correct the sound resonance which comes from the ceiling and the walls. These curtains can be adapted to all types of windows. Indeed, there is a wide range of acoustic curtains that come in all shapes and styles. In addition to being effective, they provide a touch of elegance and design to your interior. If you wish to black out the room while treating the sound resonance, you can choose the insulating curtain.

What are the characteristics of an acoustic curtain?

The installation of an acoustic curtain reduces the intensity of sound waves that cause noise. It is a device both aesthetic and functional that ensures a good sound absorption and completes the insulation solutions. The acoustic curtain is necessary for improve acoustic performance in a room but also allows to bring a warm note to the decor. Indeed, an acoustic curtain is composed of several layers of absorbent fabrics that capture noise. For a more aesthetic, the exterior is covered with a velvet or suede. You can choose the patterns and colors of your curtain according to the style of your interior design.

Where to install an acoustic curtain?

The acoustic curtain is ideal for improve the sound insulation of a room. There is a wide range of insulating curtains for homes, home studios, restaurants and professional spaces. Indeed, noise can be caused by several factors, namely electrical appliances or because of the type of construction and certain materials that promote the vibration of sound. To deal with noise pollution from outside, you can also adopt other acoustic solutions such as :

  • acoustic partitions ;
  • acoustic panels.

How to choose an acoustic curtain?

The performance of an acoustic panel is determined by its sound absorption capacityand its appearance. To not interfere with the opening of the window, the height of the curtain must be chosen carefully. A fall to 1 cm from the ground is ideal for easy handling of the curtain. However, an additional 3 to 5 cm is necessary to ensure the effectiveness of your curtain insulation. In addition, it is important to choose a resistant fixing to ensure the installation of acoustic curtains.

Rods with screws

This is the most common type of mounting. Simple to install, this curtain bracket can accommodate both sheers and heavy curtains. Simply drive the screws into the window frame. To fix them, you have to turn to the end.

Wall mountings

This is a type of fastener suitable for large windows. They are used for double curtains but also for acoustic curtains which are designed with several layers of thick fabric. For this hanging system, there are three types of rods, namely the classic rod round shape, the rail rod and the U-shaped rod. The latter is ideal for large glass windows.

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