Squeaks in metal curtains

Without a doubt, metal curtains are very reliable and effective systems for securing premises. Indeed, these systems offer both optimal protection, a customizable aesthetic appearance for your storefront and even comfort during their use.

However, when your iron curtain starts squeaking or creaking during its ascent or descent, the noise created will quickly become unbearable. This has become a source of annoyance for the shopkeeper, visitors to the store and its neighbors. Moreover, this squeaking, if it is repeated and does not stop, can cause a lot of risks for your metal curtain.

Why does a metal curtain squeak?

As a rule, a metal curtain does not squeak naturally. Of course, during its opening or closing it emits a metallic noise since it is made of steel. But this noise is not a squeaking or grinding noise. In the event that your metal curtain makes a regular squeaking noise, it can be a cause for concern as it can be a warning signal for a malfunction of the equipment.

The squeaking is most likely caused by two parts of the mechanism rubbing against each other. Therefore, it is necessary to call in a specialist repairman in the field to quickly detect the parts concerned. Friction that lasts for a long period of time will cause premature wear of the parts and may lead to breakage.

The noise can also be an indicator of a lack of lubrication or a total absence of lubrication of the components of your curtain. If this is the case, you need to take prompt action to lubricate the mechanism. This will allow your curtain to roll up normally without snagging. If you do nothing, the parts of your device may suffer premature wear.

Finally, the squeaking noise may simply be an indication of the age of your metal curtain. It will therefore be recommended to replace it in order to enjoy the benefits it offers.

Risks related to the squeaking of the metal curtain

Most problems related to the squeaking noise of your metal curtain indicate that there is some type of malfunction in the mechanism or wear and tear on the material.

Criminals are always on the lookout for these kinds of external signs that help them prove that a weakness exists in your security equipment. This makes it easier for them to attack your curtain and break into your store or store. Besides, a metal curtain that has a malfunction is easier to break through than a curtain that is in good condition and robust.

How to avoid squeaking noises?

To best avoid the risk of squeaky or creaky safety equipment, consider performing a maintenance metal curtain on a regular basis.

Before proceeding with the lubrication of your curtain, it is necessary to prepare your curtain well. Thus, remember to clean its guide rails and its surrounding area.

In addition to frequent cleaning of the curtain, lubrication of its parts is also an essential step. This step will promote a smooth and silent operation. So, even if your metal curtain is not equipped with an electric motor, its operation will be easier if its parts are well lubricated. It is important to choose a specialized lubricant recommended by an expert, as some lubricants will attract dirt. When applying your product, it is necessary not to use too much. Lubrication should be done sparingly. Excessive soaking of the part can cause additional problems.

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